Friday, December 19, 2014

I am saying goodbye to my home. It has been continuously occupied by my family for 3 quarters of a century. It was my Grandparent's home - and once my dream house; at one time I thought I would die here, living in peace surrounded by my family, kids, grandchildren, friends and travelers. As I write this I am looking out the dining room windows, listening to the rain drip drop down the gutter, cherishing the cheeps and chirps of the birds in the Hawthorne tree as they (the birds) jocky for position over the bird feeders. I wonder if they will get fed when I am gone. The house is empty now, except for my beloved big couch, whom everybody and his brother have slept on at one time or another - it has been a good couch. It will be gone in a few days.  Soon we will be finished cleaning and tidying up our big yard plus the back 40 and then list the house. We will stuff The Terrorist (our old kitty of 16 years) into a cat carrier and endure her howls of terror when we drive away in our old claptrap newly purchased RV. My finches will hopefully not die of fright when I try to fit them into the shower stall inside the RV. I haven't found a home for my many plants, yard art, water fountain, maple tree and citrus... but I can't take them with me. George took off one of the many old antique glass door knobs for me to take - it has seen the hands of many, many loved ones over the years.

We have no destination as of yet - just floating about between George's daughters' homes, traveling up to Auntie Dale and Uncle Richard's home on Friday Harbor for a temporary visit - waiting for the house to sell so we can pay the bills and eat. Where will we go? We just don't know.

The words "Things Change" will never hold the same meaning in my life after hearing them spoken by my father.  He's right though - things do change.  I am fortunate to have my dear sweetheart taking the journey into the unknown alongside me - it's really the chance of a life time.  We shall make the best of it.


McRaven said...

I did this back in 2000. Had a three story house filled to the brim. I took what I could fit into my little car and drove to the East Coast. Here it is 14 years later and I am thinking about doing it again...Many blessing to you and yours. Many. Hugs.

TLP said...

This is a dark time. It's loaded with potential, but that's hard to see right now.

I think of you, and hope for you, and though I don't pray, I send good wishes out to the universe for you and The Bear.

Anonymous said... will all work out...

tsduff said...

Thank you friends for your comments. They help so much. I had a lengthy comment well done and as in the old days... lost it. Grrrrrr I will re write it though not now as as have no reception up here on the mountain

Will D. said...

Awwww, I'm so sad to hear this. I know how you feel. My family lived in the same house for 32 years. it was a big old, kinda weird place, but it was HOME. it was so hard to leave there. My parents had divorced years ago, my older brother married, got divorced and moved back in, and then got married and moved out again. My younger brother got married and moved out. we had so many house guests and peeple 'temporarily' living there over the years I probably couldn't even name them all. In the end, it was just me and Mom there. I thought at the time it was an albatross around our necks so I talked her into selling it. worst decision I ever made. i wish i had that old place now. The peeple that bought the property tore it down and built an out of place in the neighborhood McMansion. Even worse, they cut down the two big old trees at the begining ofthe driveway and our 'favorite' tree' that we had several rope swings on for years.
So here's a big hug and I hope things get better for you and your hubby Duff. Your adventure is not over and you will survive this. Live Long and Prosper!!! :-)