Monday, June 20, 2005

No Oysters Here!

Monday, June 20, 2005
No oysters this weekend - I didn't taste a single one! Boo hoo. The entire Oyster Festival, as well as the Crabs game was canceled due to RAIN. Hmm - I thought the folks up in Eureka were well acquainted with rain - can't believe a few sprinkles (okay, a solid deluge) would cancel the whole thing! We had a great weekend roadtrip anyway, and got to visit with lots of friends - Ernest; Hope, Tom, Liberty and Lizzie (Liberty's Gecko lizard); Jill, Jean, Angela & John but missed Joe who was at work :-( ; the Daughters Dayoni, and Chantel who had a flat tire which she called upon her Daddy to fix on Father's Day in the rain (he didn't mind one bit); Richard and daughter Becky; plus David, Joanne and Maggie who were on their way to Wisconsin for a visit with his Mother; and Amy & Philippe . I will have to get a digital camera so I can have instant photos to add online. Then I can publish goofy pictures of all the folks we visited! That was a great mini-vacation in just 2 days. We drove up I-5, and I was treated to beautiful scenery between Red Bluff and Eureka which I had never seen before. I did see a strange outhouse in one of the campsites which George showed me... (see the post above...)

Looking forward to another short trip next weekend up to the cabin at Shaver Lake with all the cousins, parents, siblings, a few kidlets, etc. George is looking forward to some time with the guys - too much estrogen at our house. Usually it is just him and Tobin (the dog) keeping company with a houseful of girls.

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maceydoo said...

I lived in the Bay Area for about 3 years. I've been to Walnut Creek a few times! I used to do singing telegrams and that was in my "district" I lived in Dublin, Hayward, Fremont, and Pinole! This was in the early 80's as I am sure it has changed!! You speaking of I-5 brings up memories for me though!
I loved California when I was there!