Saturday, October 15, 2016

Our new (117 year old) home.   
We have many rooms to finish 
sanding and painting... 

a long project.


There is a volcano in the back yard... Mt Shasta and smaller cone Shastina are beautiful in their snowy mantle.

   We are so happy 
to have a big sweet smelling cedar tree in the yard. 

Just minutes from the house lies beauty as far as the eye can see.
It takes a bit of getting used to.

Friday, August 28, 2015

We are still here on San Juan Island. Friday Harbor Paradise. 

Not only my phone doesn’t work here, but most of the time neither does the internet.   It is always on again – off again.   One never knows when one will be able to have a connection or not.   Ahhh, the price to pay for living in Paradise, eh? My Uncle Richard just popped in to tell me that there was an accident in Anacortes, which took out the internet and optic fiber etc. for the entire island.  Well, at least I know why we have no connection today.  We have been discussing traveling to Iceland, but it is so horribly expensive that we have been waffling back and forth.   And now, with no internet today (I’m just writing this as a Word document to send later) I’m not able to check out any more airline ticket deals… we had thought about going to Scotland too.   You see, I used to be poor, but I had a house, and a job.   Now I’m poor, and I don’t have anything.   I’ll never have any money again.   I have not spent the $250,000 from the house (the rest went to pay creditors and stuff) and it is just sitting there in the bank. I should have it in a CD or something to earn some interest but I just hate dealing with it.   It is like blood money.  I have yet to pay the taxes on it next year so I mustn’t spend any.   I need to either get a job here or just quit eating ha ha ha.   This seems like a good life but really I don’t like it much – not knowing my future or how I will live.   I really know that we shouldn’t buy a house without renting somewhere first – it would be dumb to buy a house and then fail to make the payments and lose it.   I keep looking at houses for sale thinking and hoping we might buy one, but if I’m honest with myself I know better.   I really just feel lost about that.   I just want my own home again.   I’m paying nearly a thousand in storage fees every month, which is killing me.   We really, REALLY need to go to Concord and Fremont and deal with all my junk once and for all.   I just don’t know what to do with it.  

   We go down to the fish house in the Friday Harbor marina occasionally to feed Popeye - the resident Harbor Seal who lost her eye somewhere along the way - she loves sardines and will take them gently from your hand like a puppy.

The Terrorist is getting very old and frail – she has finally gotten comfortable here in the cabin (before she would not leave the trailer).   She still steers clear of Blackie (Dale’s cat) but if we leave the door open he (Blackie) will come right in and eat her food.   Once she is gone, we won’t feel so bad about leaving for short trips to Canada or just off island.    Sometimes I feel like screaming because I need some alone time.  You see, our front door is a glass door, and it opens directly into our living space where we have the folded out 30 year old lumpy couch as a bed.   (I’m sure my parents slept on that bed!)   Also there is no shower over here – just a very old tub with a handheld water wand.   Awkward.   We drive all the way into town to do our laundry at the Laundromat because there is a water shortage here at D & D’s. We buy big bottles of water in town for here at the house because their water is filled with minerals.    Here is the view from our window.


We discovered a nice park with a funny name yesterday “Ruben Tarte Memorial Park” – it was way at the top of the island in a small steep little rocky cove with big cliffs all around down to the sea – sheltered and quiet.   There was only one other couple there and G & I sat on a log and watched the boats go by – there is a fair amount of boat traffic in the east sound every day.   Here at the cabin on the west side of the island, we watch tons of boats go by in the Haro Straights, including giant container ships, whale watching boats, lots of kayakers, regular private sports boats; sail boats, plus an occasional huge passenger cruise ship.   There are seaplanes that fly into the local harbor (Roche Harbor) which are terribly loud.   I do love to hear the gulls crying all day – and when the eagle flies by all of the gulls and cormorants fly off of the rocks in a hurry.   One morning we watched two eagles working in tandem – one would fly after a lone gull and then the other one would take over, tiring the gull out.   It finally went to the water, and then the eagle dived down and plucked him right up.   Kind of sad, but amazing to see.   At night we watch the river otters playing along the tide line, and sometimes the harbor seals will smack their tails on the water like a beaver tail.  It is incredibly loud.  Once in a while at night when the sea is calm we can hear the Orcas breathing loudly through their blowholes… truly a wildlife wonderland.   We have front row seats from our small deck above the beach/water.   A few days ago a dead fawn (still had its spots) was on the beach – the deer come down to the beach often and this one must have lost its footing on the rocks and fell in.   Soon the turkey vultures came and stalked it… hanging around in the trees until one got brave enough to start picking at it.   Then they all came down – about 7 or 8 of them and they have a pecking order just like chickens!  

I would say that some of them went away hungry because a few of the vultures wouldn’t let anyone else have any.   Some eagles were there too but we went to town and I didn’t see if they fed.   The next day the “body” was gone – and we could see it out in the clear water just offshore where the high tide had robbed the vultures of their prize.   Richard was glad – he told me he had taken a black bag and was going to get it but the tide took it first.    I would have let the birds finish it.   It’s all gone now, in just a day.


So life goes on – G is up on the roof re-tarring it – a long tedious process of scraping off the old and plastering on the new with the mesh netting to make it strong.  This cabin was built in the … 50’s I’m guessing.  We have not had the heat wave like you all down there in the bay area but it has been hotter than we like.   I don’t miss living in the bay area at all – other than missing all my children.   

Well, enough for now.  I’m cooking pork in Thai green curry sauce with basamati rice for dinner (mmmm).  I hope it isn’t too hot for D & D.   xoxo

Sunday, July 12, 2015

4th of July - 2014...One Year Ago Our Great Adventure Began.

Our band float ready for action!
The 4th of July, 2014 - getting the Ingram float ready for the Monte Nido community parade!  Always a labor of love and fun - it has been the tradition since I was a little girl, weaving red, white and blue crepe paper through the wheels of my stingray bicycle. This float is for the Monte Nido Band - a mix of old timers and new musicians all banging, blowing or squeezing an instrument in a semblance of Souza marches and patriotic tunes.

After a hardy but rushed breakfast, cousins, sons, daughters etc. all scramble into the float and off we go to the staging area for the parade.                                                                                                       
Jake ready for bacon
Scotty and Dad ready for parade

Lynn in the sand
The next day enjoyed some time in southern California ocean waters at the beach
Hunter is stuck in the sand!!

Kevin and Sophia at the beach

Cousins - Lynn and Hunter

Becky with Bootsy and Sophia
Jayden with noodle!
Sorrowful parting with sisters after learning about losing my home
Last goodbye - all my siblings

- fun in the sun.  That evening came the bombshell - the co-owner of my home told me he wanted to sell. The beginning of my nightmare was here.
My sleeping granddaughter Sophia in my arms

After saying my last goodbyes to my sisters and brother, my sweetie and I drove away up the coast - stopping at a favorite place - Morro Bay.  I needed to stop and try to understand what had happened.

Morro Bay - a soothing getaway
It has taken me a year to even be able to put this down on my blog - though a lot has happened since this all began.  I don't think my stomach will ever stop roiling in distress when I relate the details.  But I'm attempting to put it all behind me and continue to move ever forward.

Friday, December 19, 2014

I am saying goodbye to my home. It has been continuously occupied by my family for 3 quarters of a century. It was my Grandparent's home - and once my dream house; at one time I thought I would die here, living in peace surrounded by my family, kids, grandchildren, friends and travelers. As I write this I am looking out the dining room windows, listening to the rain drip drop down the gutter, cherishing the cheeps and chirps of the birds in the Hawthorne tree as they (the birds) jocky for position over the bird feeders. I wonder if they will get fed when I am gone. The house is empty now, except for my beloved big couch, whom everybody and his brother have slept on at one time or another - it has been a good couch. It will be gone in a few days.  Soon we will be finished cleaning and tidying up our big yard plus the back 40 and then list the house. We will stuff The Terrorist (our old kitty of 16 years) into a cat carrier and endure her howls of terror when we drive away in our old claptrap newly purchased RV. My finches will hopefully not die of fright when I try to fit them into the shower stall inside the RV. I haven't found a home for my many plants, yard art, water fountain, maple tree and citrus... but I can't take them with me. George took off one of the many old antique glass door knobs for me to take - it has seen the hands of many, many loved ones over the years.

We have no destination as of yet - just floating about between George's daughters' homes, traveling up to Auntie Dale and Uncle Richard's home on Friday Harbor for a temporary visit - waiting for the house to sell so we can pay the bills and eat. Where will we go? We just don't know.

The words "Things Change" will never hold the same meaning in my life after hearing them spoken by my father.  He's right though - things do change.  I am fortunate to have my dear sweetheart taking the journey into the unknown alongside me - it's really the chance of a life time.  We shall make the best of it.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Some of my favs.  Not turning the lights off yet.

 Some of my old favs... I can't bear to turn the lights off in here.  Back later xo

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Rabbit! Rabbit!  Good luck in March.

It is the beginning of a new month - a new era if you will.  Last month is gone, and nothing can be done about it.

Things that were, just as a thousand year old piece of ice though seemingly endless, are now washed away, melted, never to be seen again.

Like footprints in the sand, these days are done, washed away and erased for ever.

March presents a clean slate - a fresh and new surface upon which to draw.  Isn't that wonderful?    Gives a girl hope!    

Friday, November 01, 2013

Rabbit Rabbit - greetings on the Day of the Dead and good luck in November!  Such a wonderful month - pretty red and yellow leaves, crisp cold air scented with fireplace logs...all is well.