Sunday, July 12, 2015

4th of July - 2014...One Year Ago Our Great Adventure Began.

Our band float ready for action!
The 4th of July, 2014 - getting the Ingram float ready for the Monte Nido community parade!  Always a labor of love and fun - it has been the tradition since I was a little girl, weaving red, white and blue crepe paper through the wheels of my stingray bicycle. This float is for the Monte Nido Band - a mix of old timers and new musicians all banging, blowing or squeezing an instrument in a semblance of Souza marches and patriotic tunes.

After a hardy but rushed breakfast, cousins, sons, daughters etc. all scramble into the float and off we go to the staging area for the parade.                                                                                                       
Jake ready for bacon
Scotty and Dad ready for parade

Lynn in the sand
The next day enjoyed some time in southern California ocean waters at the beach
Hunter is stuck in the sand!!

Kevin and Sophia at the beach

Cousins - Lynn and Hunter

Becky with Bootsy and Sophia
Jayden with noodle!
Sorrowful parting with sisters after learning about losing my home
Last goodbye - all my siblings

- fun in the sun.  That evening came the bombshell - the co-owner of my home told me he wanted to sell. The beginning of my nightmare was here.
My sleeping granddaughter Sophia in my arms

After saying my last goodbyes to my sisters and brother, my sweetie and I drove away up the coast - stopping at a favorite place - Morro Bay.  I needed to stop and try to understand what had happened.

Morro Bay - a soothing getaway
It has taken me a year to even be able to put this down on my blog - though a lot has happened since this all began.  I don't think my stomach will ever stop roiling in distress when I relate the details.  But I'm attempting to put it all behind me and continue to move ever forward.

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TLP said...

Oh, Terry, it hurts so much how this all happened. Life is not fair.

I'm glad you have started to put it down in writing. Maybe it can turn into a book. Who knows? It's an unusal tale, and told well, it just might be something people would pay to read.

I think of you often. Wishing and hoping something wonderful will come out of this.