Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I just got back from a quick trip to Deltona, Florida... and I do mean quick. I flew out there on Friday night, and came back on Monday. Better some than none - my motto these days. George has been out there since June, spending time with his Dad and Mom. A certain someone's big "1/2-century old" type birthday was about to come and go, and I couldn't let it go by un-celebrated! It was incredibly HOT and HUMID there - made me cherish the bay area weather just a bit more. Especially when I got stuck in Phoenix during a horrendous electrical storm with the temp outside pushing 112 F. They canceled my flight so I ended up spending the night there. George and I enjoyed playing in the azure waves of the Atlantic near Cape Canaveral at a bird sanctuary. The water was wonderfully cool and refreshing, and the seashells were so many that they crunched under our feet. We saw racoons, a huge bunch of black vultures in the road eating a fish just inches away from the car... like on a safari, and many, many birds which you won't see on our west coast. Also saw manatees in the water, an armadillo, and heard the constant carcaphony of noise made by invisible bugs in all the trees and shrubs. I'm rather glad they stayed hidden...Our goal is to swim in as many oceans together as possible. We have done the South Pacific (Hawaii), the Pacific (Malibu), and the Atlantic. I think the next one will be the North Atlantic... stay tuned. We got to see the space shuttle as it sat on it's pad. Actually, we only saw the back side of it, and the huge fuel tanks. Awesome!

I'm on my way to the San Francisco airport to pick up my Beloved at midnight, as he flies in for a short visit from Florida. I've missed him!


sister celtic said...


trumpetsavage said...

What a great time you had! I can't believe you got stuck in AZ though! 112!?!?!?! YUCK! Elli and I have been watching their weather on the news and have been very happy that we been stuck at 'just' 101.... Glad you made it back safely mom! Any word on what's happening with Julee and Dave? I love you! and Please say thanks to George for the card - it was wonderful to hear from him :) love, Joe

bjarni said...

that is a damn nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE BEAR

tsduff said...

Truly it is one of my most favorite pictures. The time we had was so wonderful - I enjoyed reading about it again. Hugs to you my sweet Bear. Miss you.XOXO

javajazz said...

it IS a gorgeous photo! perfect!
i love how you guys are together, like 2 pieces of a 2 piece puzzle or something, all fitting together just right...again so inspiring! am i writing on this time tunnel coomment thing? have we been transported back a year and a half?
anyway i see BjarninotBear has enjoyed the flashback too!
and TRUMPETSAVAGE huh? coolest name, son of Terry! you wild trumpet beast you! all worried about his mommy, i love that! (at least he writes...sheesh!)
(hi Joe, i know you cant see this!)

anyway gorgeous photo...truly!
gorgeous souls, is why...
thanks for that.
(112 in AZ, phew, stinky!)

javajazz said...

i love how you always notice the animals and critters and bugs and bees and manatees and all the signs in Nature...its as if they are attracted to YOU because you are so reverent of them...its cool.
that never happens to me...why? maybe because the last time i saw a racoon, i held out my car keys and told it to give me back my damn garbage bag that it was holding in its teeth...we were gonna have a showdown, right in my front yard, an insane unreasonable menopausal raccoon disliker and a raccoon duelling over a silly bag of garbage...mostly i just dont like anyone spreading my garbage all over my front lawn for all to see...its like underwear or whatever...okay, i'm getting a bit off topic...
yes, you are most reverent of all these beautiful and natural creatures put upon the earth (to eat my garbage right out of the trash can...) well, what do they do, go to raccoon training school or something? how do all raccoons learn to unlatch the garbage cans like that...? is it in their DNA blueprint or something? huh? eh?

tsduff said...

Lisa - LOL! Once I was camping on the beach, and a pack of racoons - a mom and her kids came along and raided our camp, WHILE WE WERE STILL UP! Mama came up to our table and latched onto an entire package of sourdough bread. At first, when I saw her running up the hillside with a giant white thing in her mouth, I laughed... it looked like a disposable diaper. Then I saw that it was my bread!! BOOOOO! They came back during the night and raided the poor high-schoolers camp next to ours, stealing all their bacon right out of the icechest, as well as the eggs and toast... cheeky little devils aren't they? They were entertaining though