Monday, August 29, 2005


Okay, time to switch gears and forget that it is blazing hot summer here, and get READY FOR ICELAND! Of course, there won't be snow in Reykjavik, or Hafnarfjordur, but it will be chilly at night. That snow bunny jacket I'm wearing wasn't even mine - I don't own anything so cute. It'll be snuggle time at night as we are camping-out part of the time - brrrrrrrrrr. I stuffed my feet into boots today to try to prepare for the cold - my feet were very unhappy. I've been barefoot or wearing sandles all summer. Think COLD... I'm sweating even as I write this. Hmmm. If I think I have it bad, poor George arrives from Florida in a few days. The change of 95 degrees of pure humidity to that of cold, crisp 50 degrees may be a bit of a shock. Ah yes, that brace of cold air whipping us in the face as we disembark off the plane in Keflavik - how refreshing. Then we will drive straight to Hafnarfjordur to meet George's family - I would attempt to name them here but I would massacre the spelling of their names :-( It will be so nice - imagine that, being welcomed in a foreign country by wonderful friendly people. I feel so special. Can you tell I'm a teensy bit excited? I have printed off so much literature about Iceland who knows what I'll do with all of it. Bottom line is, we shall just launch ourselves into this adventure and have a blast. George remembers the cities from long ago - he feels that they have changed so much he won't recognize much. I think it will be like riding a bike - you never forget. I'm so thrilled to be traveling there with him. When we were kids, I was so terribly impressed that my boyfriend was Icelandic - even spoke some of the language. Now I'm actually going over there with him - only 34 years later. How lucky can a girl get?

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Glod said...

It's wasn't that cold when I visited, in fact it felt warmer then when we left Heathrow hours earlier.

In Svalbard I made do a lot of the time without a coat, surrounded by people who actually dressed like they were half way to the north pole from europe.

The ten hour boat trip was good (wind chill made it around 2 degrees celcius), and I only put on a coat near the end when blue patches appeared on my palms.

So stop moaning.

I do hope you intend to stop by the blue lagoon before you fly back home.