Thursday, September 01, 2005

Counting Down...

I am assured the weather won't be THIS bad, but in checking the next week's forecast in Reykjavik I learned that it will be overcast with a daily high of 40-45 degrees F, and deteriorating as the week progresses. Julie Bernard sent me a stunning Icelandic wool sweater with which to keep warm. I've got gloves and a scarf - now all I need is a hat. Think I'll leave the umbrella at home, although it will be wet. Um, nice camping weather. In a mere 56 hours, we will be ensconced in a plane bound for Iceland. You know, it feels rather unsettling to be joyous over this adventure, while knowing that so many people are suffering dreadful tragedy due to Katrina. My prayers are offered to God, for His mercy and blessing upon them all. The situation seems so helpless and hopeless. It is just not something you expect in todays "civilized" America. At least not on this scale. The news reports of people shooting at rescuers is just beyond belief. What kind of people are those who stoop to such things? Stealing food and supplies could be deemed excusable in the circumstances - but harming those folks already in anguish is sick. Our human race has such a dark side to it.

I've got the grandson tonight while Hannah takes a class at DVC - Hunter will have fun hanging around with the other "boy" (George) as we have a fire in the garden tonight. The summer garden is almost done, and George has been playing in the dirt again, turning the soil in anticipation of putting in the winter garden. Yum.


kathi said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

Autumn Storm said...

Have a great trip!
I'm completely jealous!

Thank you for your kind comment - I only saw it yesterday.

I'm just about to head out and won't be online for probably about 2 weeks, but I will be back thereafter to thank you properly by having a good look around this site :o).

Anonymous said...

You are going to Iceland ,NOT, Greenland.Love gb