Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Reflection

The Bear is back from Florida for a short visit, and it is so sweet. I'm just enjoying each moment. The sky today in California looks just like this picture from Daytona Beach - only no gator lurking in the reflected waters :-) A perfect Friday.


mergrl said...

beautiful pic, happy Friday Terry!

Autumn Storm said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, love the picture, peaceful with a hint of danger ;-)

Keshi said...

wow, it's a beautiful day then jusy like U2 sings :)

Gators rule Northern Aus...I'm so scared of em :(


Trée said...

Terry, I don't think I've ever seen a reflection photo that looks so clear. I find it mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing.

Keshi said...

Yep as Tre stated it's a beautiful pic...forgot to mention it b4 :)