Sunday, December 18, 2005

OOOUUU - how cool! I've been tagged by Agnes - I know some folks don't like doing these, so I don't usually send them out, but secretly I've always liked filling them out myself :-)

You get one wish of anything, what would you ask for?
Wish for a few more wishes.

- Genuine world peace
- That my loved ones would know true peace about God
- Generous lifetime amount of money to take care of loved ones
- No temporary seperation from loved ones due to death

What animal would you be? Some form of corvid - raven, crow, blue jay

Something you want to do in your life: Retire with my Sweetheart to our own place, and travel with him always

One song you could listen to over and over again: "Listen to the Music" Doobie Brothers

Coke or Pepsi?

Something you currently desire: Restore the foundation in my poor old house - and lose weight :-)

One good deed you’ve done lately: volunteered personal time for a friend's cause

A funny moment in your life: Let me think on this one for a bit...


Maria Alva said...

So good of ou to drop by my site! Do you have family connections to the island or are you an Iceland-ophile? Some people, I know, are just drawn here with no rhyme or reason...let me know more.

mergrl said...

see I knew you would be a pepsi drinker LOL

great answers! I'll get mine up soon :0)

Matt said...

Ravens are my favorite birds. :)

Keshi said...

Sweet Terry :)


Autumn Storm said...

Always so nice to learn more about the people we 'talk' to daily here, wonderful answers here, hope it all comes true for you.

mergrl said...

Morning Terry hope you have a great monday :0)

(3 more days teehee)

sister celtic said...


Agnes Mitchell said...

Splendid responses Terry.
Your song, "Listen to the Music", I'll add to that "Old Black Water" in three part harmony. :D

My favorite:
No temporary seperation from loved ones due to death
Emphasis on temporary. Thanks for that. :)

tsduff said...

Hi Maria,
I would perhaps a different choice of words for my growing love of Iceland... but yes, I am crazy about it! My boyfriend is Icelandic, and since we were kids he has shared to me about his country. Now, much later in life I was lucky enough to visit, and it was stunning with its overall sheer beauty. The people were so warm and friendly - we are coming back for his family reunion in June. Can't wait! What part of California are you from?

tsduff said...

Matt, aha! Another raven friend. I'm so glad to meet you :-)

tsduff said...

Hi Trace - good morning to you too! Time is relentlessly crawling toward the deadlines - trip to Florida YaY - wrapping Christmas stocking gifts - ugh. Found out last night that my Honey is flying back to CA with me on the 27th - WOOOOO HOOOOOO and also that 2 of his 3 daughters will be down to my house for our "Christmas" on the 27th. Auuughhhh - had to run out and shop again last night for the extra company. Hmmm - I'm getting pretty good at this! The challenge is to get it all wrapped before I leave for Florida :-). I'm halfway there.

tsduff said...

Anne, you nut! Glad to see you - wow, your sunrise picture on your site is spectacular! Everybody check it out -

Talk about waking up in the morning - kaboom! Just love it!

tsduff said...

Ah Agnes - I love "Old Black Water" too - I've loved the Doobies since 1971. I even named my beagle Doobie after them ("oh sure" said my Mother... ha ha)

As far as my wish for lack of temporary seperation - oh how I cling to that "temporary" too. It is a comfort to know I'll see them all again - hurry up!