Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm just craving some fresh clean air, some blue sky and some natural mossy ground. Iceland fits the bill. My Love brought back a patch of lava, with moss alive on it (it only weighed 2000 lbs in the backpack) and it is thriving in a little garden of it's own in Walnut Creek. Amazing.


Crazy Me said...

Wow!! I am so ready for some green again. This dreary season is getting to me!

Keshi said...

Amazing pic!


mergrl said...

beautiful pic!

Hope you survived your day (hugs)

if you haven't already check your email :0)

take care my friend!

Autumn Storm said...

Oh my gosh, that green (and the view therefrom) is absolutely amazing - I so want to touch that and see it for real!
Hope you are all better, x

brendar said...

I love moss. I have often said if I could kill all of the grass in my yard and just grow moss I would be a happy man.

Agnes Mitchell said...

I am all about the green Terry. Yes yes yes!
Sometimes I think "one day, when man is all gone, all this green will grow over everything." It's a happy thought. LOL (a little Twilight Zonish but what the hell.)

I do hope your illness has decided to find another home. I got that nastiness over xmas and it just would not go away. Sniffle, cough, blech.
I'm all about the Clorox wipes at work now. I do not want that back!!

Much green-springtime love to you.

tsduff said...

Hi A - I think we are all ready for some green - and blue and spring! (And I guess this has actually been a mild winter... I DON'T CARE - I want SUN)

tsduff said...

Hi Keshi,

tsduff said...

Got the email - thanks! woo hoo good things ahead :-D My fingers and legs and toes are crossed for you :-)

I've been brain dead for the past week due to the green yucky stuff which took over my body. (and I don't mean moss) I miss everybody.
I'm still a mess - going to the doctor tonight to pick up two different kinds of inhalers and some codiene cough syrup)oh boy!

tsduff said...

Greetings Autumn,
The moss is so green it is a pleasure trip to behold. The moss that G brought back is not as bright as that in the photo, but is greening up nicely with all the rain we've had. I think it likes the frosty mornings this past week as well. When are you going? (Aw come on, it's not that far :-) I think when G and I go back to Iceland in June we will run up to Amsterdam for a look around.

tsduff said...

Hello Brendar,
Your picture is very small. It's nice though, after investigating it. I too love moss. I was cultivating a bunch of it on the damp bricks of my patio, but last night my boyfriend got wild with the powerwasher and killed it all :-O

sister celtic said...


Lindsey said...

Beautiful picture. Would love to take a vacation there.