Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Easing down on my bed
it had all became quiet.
The child sweetly sleeping
We’d call it a night.

I heard the keys jingle
and fit in the lock;
My breath was held tightly
my heart wildly knocked.

It couldn't be him
not now on this day.
He had told me already
that there was no way.

And then the door closed.
It quietly clicked
I froze still like a statue;
the clock gently ticked

The footsteps then started
each one on the stair,
faster and faster
I knew it was Bear

The joy was all laughter
surprise and such bliss,
with hard loving bear hugs
then kiss after kiss.

He danced me outside
where the full moon could see
us waltz in our giddiness
under the trees


Autumn Storm said...

Oh, Terry! I'm in awe, at it all, the words and the feelings and the absolute sense of glee. Fantastic!!!

volcanicsoul said...

Tee-Hee still can surprise you.xxxoooxxx

Autumn Storm said...

Still loving this as much and more 'the morning after' :-D

mergrl said...

Oh Terry that is so good, big ole WOO HOO for you (love the poem!)

sister celtic said...


Trée said...

Wonderful Terry. You have a gift my friend. I'm sure Bear will love it!

Jeanne said...

Rhyming is so much fun. I particularly like the last verse. I wish I was out being giddy under the trees, but my giddy-maker is asleep on the couch.

Agnes Mitchell said...

Oh Terry!!! Tears of joy in my eyes. I'm so excited for you. What a fantastic way to express this event.
Welcome back Bear!!!
So very much love to you both!!

tsduff said...

Thanks all, for the cool comments. It is an amazing thing to be living with such a man in my life - and it is so nice of you all to not run screaming away with barf bags when I continually post love stuff :-)