Monday, March 27, 2006


I know it's Monday, but I'm trying to psych myself into not having the normal Monday Bleahs. They are dangerously close to taking over.

My basement flooded again over the weekend when the teasing sump pump failed to kick on - the furnace was under water and is now non-functioning again. This has gotten REALLY old. Am buying a new sump pump... hopefully this will fix the problem once and for all. More rain on the way tonight with a new storm.

Okay, really, come play with me!


Sherri said...

I'll come play with you!! :D

Autumn Storm said...

Tag, you're it! :-)
Oh boy, darn flooding, bad luck, but hope you are managing to successfully beat the Monday morning blues.
It's a times like this I wish I were funny :-) Though there is some good news, it cannot possibly rain for two days in a row!
There's always a night in between.
Admit it, gave you a giggle, right? If for nothing else at how bad that was :-D
Wishing your day gets steadily better as the day progresses, x

Agnes Mitchell said...

So how about we put on our rubber boots and splash around in the water. Ewwwww. You know, kids would never think twice.

Keshi said...

cute doggy!

have a lot less wet week ahead Terry :)


Ranger Tom said...

Well, we had snow here for the last several days... Nice first week of spring, huh?

mergrl said...

oooh I missed monday but can I still play :0)

hope you have a great day (hugs)

Autumn Storm said...

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, Terry, xo

tsduff said...

Ah Sherri, thanks :-D

Autumn, you do always have a spare giggle around to share - thanks :-)

Aggie - nice take on the rain - gives me the tweak in attitude I needed. Kids don't even need the boots :-D

Hey Keshi - You have the rainless week for me, will ya? This weeks' forcast is rain, rain and more rain. sigh. Wetest March on the books ever (record breaking) for the San Francisco bay area. oh joy.

Ranger Tom, I know, what am I whining about with a little rain.. I'll take it over the snow anytime. brrrrr. I don't know how to drive well in the snow.

Hey Trace - is that you smiling? Cool!!! Hugs :-)

Thanks A - missed 1/2 day at work today ... had a date with the furnace guy (not THAT kind of date :-)). Furnace is fixed, wallet is empty but house is warm.

Keshi said...

oh no too much rain upsets my mood too :(

I'll pray u get some sunny days soon ok Terry :)