Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm in need of an Iceland fix. Or at least some beautiful pictures to transport me away for just a little bit.

Today's mundane self is lacking in every area... low energy, no motivation, worry for my Bear who is undergoing a severe dental procedure and whom I won't see until very late tonight...

So here are some scenes from our trip last September on the Snaefellsness Penninsula in West Iceland

and one from in Sauðárdalur valley (which I didn't take)

And the beautiful, comforting form of Mt. Esja as seen from a shore park in south Reykjavik where we walked in the wind and scattered raindrops, along the rugged lava beach. In only 3 months and 3 weeks, we shall be on our way back to that paradise of wild beauty and adventure... can't wait at all!

Happy Thursday y'all.


Autumn Storm said...

Oh gosh, what I wouldn't give to spend a year or more just travelling to all those places, I long to see! and Iceland has always been high on that list - you guys are so lucky to be going so soon.
Such beautiful shots, each and every one of them!
Happy Thursday!
Ouch, poor G, hope it wasn't too bad for him.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Wow! Those pics. are BEAUTIFUL, Terry! I've always wanted to visit Iceland, too. You're so lucky to be going again! I hope you take and post hundreds of more pics. just like these for me to drool over!

And thanx so much for the sweet compliment on my Savannah post. I never thought it was all that good. :)

mergrl said...

omg terry those pics are just beautiful

Keshi said...

Ice Ice Baby :) Nice pics again...


ECS said...

When you come to Iceland, where are you planning to visit? Just Reykjavík or lands beyond? I just went to Heimaey and it was the most incredible scenery. Lava cliffs, thousands of birds, and the glacier-topped scenery of southern Iceland on the other side of the water. It's a 3-hour ferry ride from the mainland along the coastline, which is beautiful if it's not too stormy!

Some scenery from it:
Storage Sheds
View from the cliffs
the ferry

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Friday!!!!!!, x

tsduff said...

Good morning Autumn - or should I say good evening... Happy Friday to you. You aren't so far from Iceland - ought to make the trip. I know, that is easier said than done :-)

All is well with G - he survived the dentist - long day but successful.

OD - The drooling will commence directly for you and me both, after I post my new trip pics in July...

Hi Trace - pack up and join me on a different type of beach entirely.... black lava, crashing wind swept waves, glacier capped mountain vistas... (no palm trees or cabana boys... LOL)

Hi Keshi - Ice Ice... haven't heard that song in ages! Oh no, now it's stuck in my head!

E - so nice to hear from you. I loiter around your place every day, avidly absorbing your take on being an American transplanted to Iceland, dreaming about the one day my Icelander and I will maybe relocate there.

Thanks for the links - your photos are superb as usual. We are planning to visit many more places in Iceland this trip, including Heimaey. We haven't gotten our act together and planned our itinerary yet, as there is a family reunion involved which makes planning from this end impossible. I laughed when I read your post about dressing up when visiting... last time we were there, we also found out the hard way that even casual visits were anything but, involving coats,ties & dresses against our jeans and sweaters, and overloaded buffet tables groaning with every kind of food imaginable. My Bjarni warned me that they dress for these occasions, but I didn't really think he meant really dress! We ate so much food there! It is all so fabulous. I went into withdrawal from hardfiskar (still in the throes of it today) after we came home. I've since ordered it online, but the expense of it kills me.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by - I love your site.

Autumn Storm said...

Glad to hear G is doing okay :-)

Will get to Iceland one day - trouble is my family is so scattered, holidays always end up being 'family visits' and so it's rare I get to go some place new. This year, with a little luck, though not Iceland :-)

ECS said...

I can't believe you love Harðfiskur so much... hasn't really wowed me yet, although J loves to eat it on road trips. Glad you liked the photos! We apparently got really lucky when we went to Heimaey- two straight days of sun is not common on the south coast. You really have to go road-tripping when you're here though- camping in the summer here is awesome. I'm also trying to plan a trip a little sooner for the first visit of my parents to The Land. We're thinking of going north to Siglufjörður and Húsavík. Both are supposed to be great, and I think my parents will love being so close to the Arctic Circle.

Keep posting pictures- it reminds me of why I live here in the gloomier days of Icelandic frustration.