Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Been missing in action for the past 5 days or so... subject for a future post. Didn't anyone miss me?

Cactus is symbolic of prickles - sharp pain and drought. I also happen to personally like the beautiful aspect of cactus - it isn't all bad. But in looking for a picture to express my angst this one looked good.

Not much of an explanation - just a very bad day at the office. PMS - you remember, the kind the big shots in the corporations get (POWER-MONEY-SEX) or lack thereof... is sickeningly thick around here. It was one of those reviews that hits you in the gut - unexpected and cruel. Guess it was "rip T to shreds and make her feel like a piece of crap" time for the big boys. I was thinking about putting a screen saver on the computer which reads "Out to lunch, and not coming back". Wouldn't you just love to do that? Guess that doesn't really get to happen in reality.

Well, at least it is no longer Monday.


mergrl said...

well of course we missed you, just thought you had gone to ground with your sweetie :0)
(was actually just talking to A about you yesterday wondering where you were)

sorry work is being such a bitch lately, they would definitely be lost without you! (hugs)

mergrl said...

and should appreciate you much more than they do (sorry hit enter too soon) we know who really does all the work around there. Want me to come out there and break some knee caps LOL

tsduff said...

If I thought it would be effective... hell, break away LOL!! Love the thought. I saw your post about possibly no more blog... waahhhhhhhh. Not a nice thought for all of us out here who really get a spark of life just reading it everyday. I know life is never static - things move right along. Not happy with the thought of no more beach pics :-O

mergrl said...

maybe I should just start a blog of beach pics LOL or we could cohost one and I'll do beach pics and you could do Iceland pics :0)

Autumn Storm said...

Missed you terribly, Terry, but like Trace, I figured G was keeping you occupied :-).
To go along with the knee caps, I'm offering my services as an ear-boxer - say the word and we'll be there.
hard as it is to ignore, you know you're worth within the company. In the old days, I would have advised you to say "f*** 'em", these days "bless them"...for they know not what fools they are. :-)
Hope things become a little cheerier for you as the day progresses!
Love and hugs, x

tsduff said...

Trace... I like the picture idea - but I'm afraid it won't be enough to hold everybody hostage :-)

Autumn, thanks for the boxing services - I may call on you so be ready... LOL.

The day did get better - went home for my very abbreviated lunchtime and got a hug from the Bear. Always helps :-)

Mo'a said...

Terry is back, Terry is back....and everyone is happy....except for Terry having a very bad day at the office :( not a good thing to come back to.....let me at them....I can Roooar!!! Bad boys, bad boys!!!!!do you think that would scare them?

Keshi said...

WB Terry! I missed ya and was thinking perhaps u were taking a longer Easter break...awww...

** "Out to lunch, and not coming back".

haha I wish I could do that every day lol!


Jeanne said...

I'm sorry. The worst thing about intentional, unexpected cruelty is that it always makes me cry, while the last thing I want to do is show the imposer how hurt I am. And cry I must once the crying process starts- it's like winding up a spring. It's just got to go "boing". I bite my lip till I can escape to the bathroom.

Jeanne said...

I hope you made it to the bathroom, if it's like that for you too.

Ranger Tom said...

Yes I missed you!

And cacti are pretty, until you fall into a prickly pear. (I've done it, not fun)

Agnes Mitchell said...

Aw hon. I'm so sorry. Been there and done that. How about you consider the source? Sounds like the person who wrote up that review has a pretty small mind.
Let's just rewind to last Friday's Kitty picture and start again.

Yes, you were missed. I feel it best to give one space when one vanishes from blogland. I'm starting to do it myself on occasion. Sometimes we just need to sit with ourselves. :)

Cacti are beautiful, but I fell into a patch of them once and I steer waaaay clear. I have a house full of plants and won't allow even one to enter the abode. Ouchie. ;)

Hugs to you hon. As for your review writer - "kidney stones on him!!!" There. All better.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

You were missed! Glad your back, though. I had one of those bad days at work today. Ugh.

Don't have a computer at my desk, but I would have loved to have posted on my classroom door, "Teacher quit. Kids fending for themselves."

That won't happen in reality either. ;)

tsduff said...

Morning Mo'a I like the chant and your ROAR... don't think it will scare these bad boys though.

Hi Keshi - I love it when you stop by. No long Easter break for me... this place doesn't take much in the way of a holiday.

Awe Jeanne - thanks for the shoulder. Usually the bathroom would be a nice place to flee to, but for some reason, this review really put red smoke in my nostrils instead of tears in my eyes, as it was so wrong and uncalled for. Put courage in my heart as well, to make some choices I've been too timid to make in the past.

Tom, my Lordy - you fell into prickly pear???? YEOWCH! That stuff is the worst - because the spines are so small you can't see them to pull them out. Ouch. I have some prickly pear growing in my yard right now - they are small and I really should rip them out while still manageable, but I just can't do it.

Aggie, rewind to kitty picture - thanks. The "review" wasn't even a proper sort - not written up, or planned - just a bombing run. I'm gathering up fuel for my own bombing run I think... courage.

ODG - what a riot - kids fending for themselves :-) I feel like a kid fending for myself actually, at times :-D