Saturday, April 22, 2006

My adorable nephew and niece in Wyoming.

I love the great countryside in America, but sometimes wish the distance wasn't such a barrier to visiting family.


javajazz said...

okay those are officially
the cutest kids i have ever seen
in my life...
who painted their hair that colour?

mergrl said...

so cute!

Autumn Storm said...

Cutest smiles! Half my family (maternal) have exactly that hair colour, always feel like the odd one out at family parties. Like real little sweet hearts, they look!

Mo'a said...

I love this photo, could anything be more beautiful than this big boy and his little sister.....I love the way he has his arm around her. The boy has a little rascal look about him.
Wyoming is one of the 10 states I have not been to....someday :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

OMG! How great is that! Beautiful angels with mischevious grins. :D

Crazy Me said...

I love red headed kids. They are so darn cute!!

Keshi said...

OMAHGOSH they r sooo cuttte!


tsduff said...

Morning Lisa - The good Lord painted their hair - and a fine job of it He did too. They will never have to run to a bottle for beauty :-)

Trace, Hope your weekend went fabulously :-)

Autumn, I love that color. The red gene runs in the family on my Dad's side, but I didn't get it. These cute kidlets have two other siblings - one of which has the shock of red hair, and the other brown. (Poor Joshua always says "and my hair is BROWN!")

Hi Mo'a - Wyoming is a little chilly at the moment. Nice wide-open country though. I miss these guys - they live so far away for a weekend drive :-(... I don't get to see them much. I'm watching them grow up via pictures on the email.

Agnes - don't you just love them? They ARE mischievious - although Micah is actually a really well behaved Sweetie. Lynnie is the one you have to watch :-D

Hi A - I know, when I see them I want to just hug em and kiss em all over :-)

Hey Keshi - Yes - they are so sweet - love their smiling faces.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Love that hair color! They are too cute.

And I LOVE Wyoming! Too bad it is so far away. (For you AND me!)