Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On our last trip to Iceland, I was introduced to my new favorite snack - Hardfiskur. It is dried fish - sort of "fish jerky". Icelanders eat it smeared with SMJÖR - thick, rich butter. It is the perfect road food - we happily munched it on a day trip to Geysir and Gullfoss, washing it down with the Icelandic staple

Egils Applesin (orange soda).

The fish is hung out to dry on big racks made of wooden poles.

In the fishing village of Hafnarfjordur these racks are out on the lava fields.

Only 8 weeks, 5 days and we will be there!


mergrl said...

not looking forward to it much are you? LOL hope your tuesday was better than monday :0)

Autumn Storm said...

It will pass quick as a flash :-).

Kathi said...

Terry I always love your Iceland pics, since that is prob the closest I will ever get to there,lol. And hopefully the days will fly by!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Only 8 weeks until all stresses are forgotten in the beauty and safety of a joyous world. Ooooohhh, I'm sooo happy for you.

I am absolutely certain that a certain puffy doesn't have the intelligence or character to love something as wonderful as Iceland. You are SO above him on the chain of humanity. And THAT'S reality. That's not some silly job.
I guess life is all perspective, huh?

Keshi said...

VERY N-ICE Terry ;-)


Autumn Storm said...

Hey Terry, just popping by to say good morning and happy Wednesday, hope you have a good one!, x

tsduff said...

Trace - LOL - I feel like a kid waiting for Santa Claus... I can't wait at all! And, Hallelujah - Tuesday was SO much better than Monday :-D

Autumn, you are the eternal optimist :-) Hope you are having a great Wednesday - or did have one already :-D

Hi Kathi - nice to see you. And, you never know where you might end up visiting later down the road
:-) Iceland isn't as far and foreign as it sounds. It is absolutely the most beautiful place to go.

Agnes - you always connect right at the best contact point. Love your comment - thank you. You are so right - life is all perspective. And, it is the essence of our daily activities, thoughts, and interactions with others on the planet that are important, not some silly job in which we try to earn money.

Hey Keshi - How are you doing down under? Sheesh - one day perhaps I'll make it to your part of the world.. Well, I can dream can't I? :-)

Ms Storm - Happy midweek day to you too :-)

Mo'a said...

Mmmmmmmm!!! You have me craving hardfisk.....they do not know what they are missing.
Only 8 weeks and 4 days now :)