Monday, April 03, 2006

On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

That won't ever happen again.

You may now return to your normal stuff.


Keshi said...

aww how very smart and interesting a thought!


Autumn Storm said...

Excellent. Couple of years ago, my birthday was 20/02/2002 - of course we put our day before our month, so it will 'happen again' - on the 4th of May :-D

javajazz said...
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mergrl said...

What a beautiful pic and cool thing with the date and time

hope all is well in your neck of he woods tonite :0) (hugs)

Autumn Storm said...

Lisa, what you can do is (I think) to solve this issue is to not have your blog displayed in your profile. You can hand the address out as you please, anyone who knows it will be able to visit of course, but as far as I am aware, it will not feature on search machines.
You can cut and paste what you have so far, though not the comments of course, if you want to create a whole new blog.

ECS said...

except for the same time on the fourth of next month, for those of us who write the date day/month/year...

Ranger Tom said...

In another thousand years it will...


Ranger Tom said...

Sorry, hundred years. But it will happen in a thousand too.

Sorry again. It was along night at work.

Agnes Mitchell said...

LMAO..I love stuff like that.
I woke up the other night at exactly 11:11. I always think there's something symbolic about that. Silly, huh?
Very cool thing to note 010203040506. How many time zones are there? I guess it will happen once in every timezone.

Have a splendid day.

javajazz said...

ha! Agnes! 11:11...!
Google that, if you think its silly!
pretty awesome how many people
have written about 11:11...
ignore the insane, over the top stuff,
but there will be some cool info in there
that will make some sense...!

Anonymous said...

Its warming up in Iceland :-)

tsduff said...

Darlin, we'll have to bring our shorts! Are you working on that fine brown tan? Ummm...

Jeanne said...

Autumn said what I was going to say already.

Picalilly is pickle relish, and very good it is, too.

Our kale has appeared from beneath the snow, which is finally all gone except where it was piled up. There are a few spring flowers down the road where it's more sheltered. The camera and I will soon be very busy.

tsduff said...

Hi Keshi :-)

Autumn, I know you folks up there place the date differently - it confuses the heck out of me, as well as putting the time into that format. (I have to use my fingers to count the hours... grin)

TRACE! I miss you! You've become a missing person like me... I know I know, that is what happens when LOVE STRIKES.... not much to write about here - rain, rain, and oh, did I mention its raining out? Pouring I should say. At least my basement is dry - my Sweetie made sure of that before he left town.

Lisa - with me it is "the 0's"... I always seem to look up and the clock is displaying the double 0's of the new hour. My kids even notice when it is the 0's. I think it is cool... that for you it is the 11:11s.

I'm at a loss about the Google thing - I had no idea that so much stuff shows up for everybody and his brother to see when you google a blog. LOL, just like your underwear is showing or something. Guess it just reinforces my opinion that a person should never say or do anything they wouldn't mind being printed in the newspaper the next day. I yam what I yam. Certainly I can see the problems associated with privacy issues, and as Autumn said, perhaps not putting your blog on your profile might stem the publicity. But please don't stop posting... how else could we see you?

Hmmm my son has played at Yoshi's - I hear it is a great sushi joint as well as fabulous Jazz. Perhaps I'll tool on over there next Monday and see your baby. Would be fun! I'll just look for the most outstanding trumpet player :-D

Hi E - how long did it take you to get used to putting the date that way? Trips me up every time.

Tom, might as well be a thousand... for all I care as I'll never see it again in my lifetime.

Aggie - I love it when the clock gives us those esoteric moments of wonder, stopping at the 0's or the 1's. Little moments of wonder. Silly? Maybe. But I'll keep noticing :-D

Jeanne, would love to try the relish. Is it hot?

Kale? How do you cook that? I'm not sure I've ever grown it. Like dandilion greens perhaps? I'm looking out at the downward motion of the many raindrops out the window here at work - like a waterfall. Better than snow I'll wager, but still, I feel like it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a boat handy.

ECS said...

I want to know where in Iceland "anonymous" is, because it's sure not seeming to summery where I am... snow yesterday and this morning, although the sun is finally cracking through the clouds now. As for dates... my mom grew up abroad, going to international schools, so she taught me young, and now I work at a job that is very date-intensive, so I got used to it pretty quickly. Sometimes I do get confused though, but I remember that it's the logical one here, and I'm usually ok :-).

javajazz said...

all righty everyone,
i'm baaaaack!
(i'll just skip the adventure story,
cuz it probably doesnt even seem
like i've been gone, well, anymore
than usual anyway...)
but Terry, you are SO right about only
saying stuff we wouldnt mind seeing
in print...and even tho i occasionally
go bananas and say silly and rude
stuff, i tend to be pretty tame overall...
i just transferred my entire blog,
copied most of it (sans comments!)
to a new address and made sure
i deleted every trace of the last one,
(tho in computerland, nothing is
ever truly erased...)
and then when i googled what my
ex husband googled and got my blog
from that link, it was just one extra click
today after all i changed, and it seemed
to trace itself back to my freshly copied
new one! so that was a waste of
a few hours!
so now i discover that all i have to do
to prevent an unintentional link to my blog,
is simply sign out when i'm done my blogging
which i never did before, but i sure will now!
and maybe not say names of schools
or universities or jazz clubs or ANYTHING
still the blogs are about self expression
sharing thoughts and ideas, and for conversing
and meeting wonderful interesting people
such as yourself, so i dont like the idea
of having to be somewhat stifled
and i sure didnt like having my privacy invaded...!
thats just one of my little pet peeves...
anyway, thanks for help and support!

wow, are you really thinking of heading over
to "that club!!" on monday?? that would be
SOOO cool if you could meet my Brian!
he's a real sweetie, and if you know about
this jazz music, it will blow your mind
when you hear these guys play!! i still
cant get over how amazingly mature
they are musically...and all really nice
boys...i'm gonna email Brian and the
2 kids whose emails i have and tell
them Terry's coming!! and to watch out
for you! and maybe even buy you a beer!
AND some sushi!
and my ex husband just left this morning
to take a weekoff and visit Bri there, and check
out this (i'm not saying the name anymore!!)
the B**beck you'll get to meet
him too! Chris is a really nice guy, polite
and low key, a real good guy...
plus there might be some interesting
music type folks in the audience!
is your son Joe around or is he in another
town right now teaching? so he played
there too!! that's awesome, it sounds
like a real nice relaxed place too!
anyway you wont have to look too hard
for the most outstanding trumpet player,
cuz he'll be the ONLY trumpet player
there! (its just a quintet!)
this is sooo cool!

tsduff said...

Lisa, check out this link to a famous show...

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Wow. That is so cool! I love trivia like that.

javajazz said...

Terry! thats cool!
you're a good little researcher!
i found their website on the weekend!
looks like a real fun place...
and lots of good concerts coming up!!
and good sushi too, you say!!
soon Google will link YOUR blog
to the Institute!!
hee hee!!
and my plaid tushie will be history!!!
moooo haa haa!!!!