Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I love sweet peas. They smell lovely, they look beautiful, and they are so pretty and cheerful. I just wanted to put something bright and happy up.

My Bear is gone, being an angel to drive the bereaved Father of our dear friend Faith back home to Northern California to be at the bedside of his elderly Mother who is on her deathbed. Such a fluke - to lose both his Mother and Daughter within days of one another. Can such tragedy be borne? Bear is such a good, good friend.


javajazz said...

Bear's a good egg...(a good Bear.)
the flowers are all so beautiful.
sending love...
xo lisa

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Lovely flowers. They were cheery indeed. And we needed that after reading that your friend's mother will soon pass, too. That's such a tragedy.

I agree, you do have a good Bear. :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

OMG! I love sweet peas too...and this is the first time I've ever seen them.

He is an amazingly good Bear. Be sure to give him super sweet hugs. His beautiful soul suffers of late, I'm sure of it.

Sending so much love to both of you.

Keshi said...

Ma and daughter both died recently? How? thats so sad. I cant even imagine his pain!

beautiful flowers Terry!


Autumn Storm said...

Such pretty flowers.

As we talked about, lightening does strike twice and when it does, it is so terribly difficult to comprehend. This family has kind, loving friends, that is a blessing. Love and hugs, x

tsduff said...

Lisa, I always love what you have to say... I'll pass on the word to my Bear thanks.

OD - what a nice picture you have! Flowers soften the edges when sorrow is sharp. The Bear is the best... I have a poster on my icebox about "how to handle a bear encounter"... not like the ones you have had - LOL. Mine is a snuggler.

Agnes - your visits are the soothing touch of a loved one's hand - thank you. My Bear does have a beautiful, sensitive soul, and he is definately suffering of late. But he heals himself by his giving of love to others. It is amazing to behold. The mother passed away yesterday at around 3pm - they didn't make it in time to be at her side. But that's okay.

Keshi - Your sympathy is kind - thank you so much.

Autumn - I know when this all passes we shall all be deeper, more compassionate and filled with character... isn't that what they say? It is truly a blessing that this family is so loving and close knit. They do still have each other, and they are sharing the burden of deep grief, thus making the weight lighter. Within the next few weeks there will be two funerals - a far distance from each other, plus a sister's graduation and a birthday (they had rented a skybox at the A's game in Oakland for Faith's birthday June 3 and we still plan to go to celebrate her life) Life does go right on, with no regard for who falls along the wayside.

Tai said...

Kindest sympathies for your Bear and his family.

tsduff said...

Thank you Tai. :-)

Agnes Mitchell said...

"he heals himself by his giving of love to others"
It would seem that he does. There is a true wisdom there I will take to heart.

"they didn't make it in time to be at her side."
I wasn't with my Dad either. It is a hard thing to console one's self about but I know, without doubt, that I was truly loved and that he knew I loved him.
It is the knowing that sooths.

Blessings and hugs.