Wednesday, May 24, 2006

There is just something amazing about the enormity of this ice shelf. It's size dwarfs everything around it.


With no outward clue given as to it's actuality.


What a different type of existence it has...

as opposed to a being made of flesh and blood.


Autumn Storm said...

Not much of an outward clue to us either, certainly not with regard to depth or experience. Seriously amazing pictures, esp. that bottom one, that's one's deserves a fully-fledged 'wow'. Lovin' this post!

Sherri said...

I love that second picture! It's amazing what lies below the surface, more often than not, it's more than anything you could have ever expected.

ECS said...

that reminds me of a story one of the guys I work with told me last year. He lives in Dalvík, a tiny town on the edge of a fjord in north Iceland. Last summer an iceberg floated into the mouth of the fjord, so the whole town (I think it's something like 2-300 people) got into someone's fishing boat to get an up-close-and-personal view. The photos of the thing were amazing, but some people were foolish enough to walk on it. Your lower photo shows just why that's an idiotic idea! If any of those huge chunks underwater were to fall off, the whole thing tips in an instant. Happily for these foolish Icelanders, they all made it back to shore safely, and the iceberg floated away for destinations unknown a few days later.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi T! First visit here. I like it.
That picture is incredible.
People are like that too :-)

Kyahgirl said...

God, I'm brain dead. This wasn't my first visit. I came last week and saw your 'abstinence from cinnamon buns, eat more asparagus post!' :-)

Old age creeps in. Hows the healthy eating plan going?

tsduff said...

Afternoon Autumn! Yes, people, like icebergs are often inscrutable.

Sherri - Hence that saying "It's only the tip of the iceberg"... Man, that looks like a lot of weight (beneath the surface) to carry around!

Hey E - I liked this story from Iceland! Personally, I'm a little afraid of giant bodies of ice - no desire to really walk upon one. When we went up to the Snaefellsjokull I was content to just check out the snowy edges. Actually walking upon an iceberg would freak me out. I bet it was a very interesting situation though when the fjord was blocked.

tsduff said...

Hi Laura - I have so much reading to catch up on at your place! You've been busy. Welcome back - LOL I know all about the age thing and memory loss... :-D

BTW, your comment was so timely! I read it, and then went in the coffee room at work for a cup... all over the counter was a huge box someone had brought in, containing doughnuts, croissants, rolls, danish... horrible horrible stuff! Then I remembered fresh from reading your comment about healthy eating plan... THANKS for saving me!

Keshi said...

wut a beauty!


Autumn Storm said...

Morning Terry, wishing you a peaceful Friday, thinking of you, xo

Mama E said...

Mama E ~Your Blog knocks me the hell out! It's a huge candy store! I'm mostly flattered that you like my writing! The second photograph stunned me. It's like a fusion of 2 Tarot Cards that I dearly love from the Daikini Deck..."As Above-So Below" and "Mount Meru". Then when I scrolled down to that naked tree, so many images of trees that I've loved came flooding back in. You are an overwhelm to my senses...and that gives me great joy! Thanks, Thanks and Thanks! Mame Awed!

Minka said...

The second photo mad eme think of Titanic. Those people did not know what lay beneath the surface. In that regard I have to second Kyahgirl...much like meeting new people:)
And how befitting your visit to Iceland!
You just have to go and see Jökullsalon!

Jeanne said...

You sound sad. I hope everything feels better soon.

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Terry! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend - feels so quiet around here, when you aren't around...which is not the same as saying you talk alot ;-)

Crazy Me said...

Amazing pictures. Absolutely amazing!! I love coming to your blog for stuff like this.

Autumn Storm said...

I could be wrong, but my guess is, you are lovin this holiday Monday! :-)

tsduff said...

Hi Keshi - always love to see you flit over here :-)

Autumn, thanks for the well wishes. Friday was the military service for our friend Faith. It went well- lots of tears but also love and laughter.

Mama E - you crack me up! Glad you like the pics - I'm such a sucker for a good look. I dream in pictures :-) The lovely tree was one I wish I had in my garden all the time. Love to see you here - thanks for the wonderful comments :-)

Minka - Hallo! I love your cute icon. Such an honor it is when an Icelander visits me. We have so many places we want to visit I don't know how we shall fit it all in. BTW, do you know of a bakery in Reykjavik or Hafnarfjordur? My Bear grew up going to the bakery in Hafnarfjordur and it is gone. He still dreams of that delicious sweet fresh baking bread smell wafting out over the city, and would love to visit one when we come.

tsduff said...

Hi Jeanne - Not sad really. Just a little musing about the future, and where I might be headed (or not) One never knows. Trying to be a little more decisive rather than adrift with no wind in my sails. Nice to see you - oh woman of no-words-on-her-blog-of-late....:-)

tsduff said...

Autumn - okay so I talk alot? "The truest things are said in jest."... a quote I always use :-)

Sounds like you were the busy one anyway... lots of work and no time for playing or kicking it with bloggy friends :-) Weiner breath? HA HA HA, did you ever get the description from Ms L? I think I can imagine what it is.

tsduff said...

Hi Angela - Pictures are just the most fun. More fun that words sometimes. It's fun when you get a good one. Wink wink - get any candids of what the pizza boy saw?

Autumn Storm said...

lol, no seriousness whatsoever behind the jest, in fact feel free to talk some more. :-D

Still no definition been offered up with regard to weiner breath, looks like you shall have to enlighten me...? :-)