Monday, June 19, 2006

Here is me, as the clock ticks down...
Pre trip jitters!


Autumn Storm said...

How great is that illustration :-)

All will be well, just make sure you have cash, passports and tickets, the rest can always be sorted. Ooh, am soooo excited for you, its a trip of a lifetime, your plans all sounded so wonderful! Have a ton of fun, take care and see you on the 3rd. Much love to you, xoxo

mergrl said...

you are gonna have so much fun, I'm sooooo jealous

Minka said...

Yes you will, and in case you get in trouble over here...remember my name (Monika Schmidt) and remember the phone number 118, there you can ask for my phone number and I´ll get you out of almost anything :) Infact I´ll go and show you the coffeeplace if you want!

tsduff said...

Autmun, ready or not, here we come :-) We shall have a jolly good time - LOL

Trace, you'll be right there with us!

Monika, Ah ha! So, my reputation must have preceded me :-D Thank you so much for your name & number, as well as the coffee recommendation. You are too kind. I hope we hook up before you fly off to Germany on your own trip!

Ah, you are using the German last name today (not Schmidtdottir?)

Keshi said...

Good luck and Im gonna miss u :*(

Have fun,

Trée said...

Terry, where do you find all these fabulous images. Take a deep breath. You are about to embark on the time of your life. Can't wait to see the pictures over the next couple years. :-D

tsduff said...

Thanks Keshi :-) I'll plan on good luck, and light bags, LOL Last time we went, G put lava in our bags and we lugged it home. I wondered why the darn things were so heavy, and we are so lucky customs didn't arrest us!

Trée - I think I'll have to take LOTS of deep breaths thank you :-D

Now brace yourself - you will never see the end of these Icelandic visuals around here now that I've got a digital that will take MILLIONS of pictures :-D Hey, wake up over there!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

OMG Terry! It's really time!!!!! I just dropped by to wish you the fantastic time that I know you are already going to have in Iceland. I want to see YOUR Iceland pics when you get back!

Take care, have fun, and you and Bear stay safe!!!!

Agnes Mitchell said...

LMAO. Terry, you're beautiful when you're flipping out. :D
Have a wonderful, fantastic, amazing trip full of new memories.

tsduff said...

Julie - yep - I can't believe it either! Woke up this morning and stressed out... I'm not packed, feel like I'm forgetting a ton of things still to be done... etc etc! But once I'm on the plane, I can breath a sigh of relief because it won't matter then :-) I'll have to have everyone pull up a chair for the great family home movie show of Iceland when I return :-D (Trace always brings the popcorn :-)

Agnes, you always say the nicest things... LOL beautiful when flipping out... that is a good one :-D Believe me, I look and feel just like that picture right now! Thanks for the happy thoughts.

Monika - tak! You are too kind! FYI my email is I'm trying to bring the new contraption along (laptop, LOL) so we shall see if I manage to actually get online abroad :-) We have a huge family reunion to attend in Hafnarfjordur on Saturday, but that is the only actually scheduled event on the itinerary so far. We won't arrive at Keflavik until late afternoon on Friday.

Lindsey said...

Awww. YOu'll be fine and you'll have a blast. Can't wait to hear about the trip. Take lots of pictures!

javajazz said...

oh gosh, you've gone already...
i just got home from a really loud gig
and it feels like i missed a few blog days
online...and now youre gone!!
but i bet you're gonna have the best
trip and i look forward to any trip news
any time you've got it!
enjoy your dream trip and also have
great fun with Autumn ....!
xoxo lisa