Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I love the views in Iceland... nothing much to obstruct it. Just you and the world as it was created :-)

This is Skaftafell National Park located in South East Iceland. It contains about half of Europes largest icecap, Vatnajokull.

Meanwhile, doesn't this scene of clear skies and serene icebergs transport you out of mundanity into bliss?

Help, I need some of that serenity!!! I'm not even packed yet... anxiety is beginning to make itself known as our countdown time ticks away!!


Autumn Storm said...

That last picture is stunning! Absolutely, yes, blissful :-)

As for packing, so long as you have the essentials, passports, cash, tickets, anything else can be replaced - thing is though, for all the worry that something will get left behind, have you ever forgotten anything? I know I haven't, but I have done the check-for-passports-&-ticket a million times before I walk out the door just in case they jumped out somehow.

Just 8 days!! Woohoo, how excited must you be!

Have a great day, Terry - maybe I'll catch up with you later on a break if you aren't too busy, xoxo

Keshi said...

Ice ice baby!


Autumn Storm said...

:-) Have to play that song now..

Lindsey said...

You always have the best pictures! Iceland is so amazingly beautiful. I'm adding that to the list of places I want to visit. When are you going to London? I'll be there in late August.

Minka said...

Hey, the last one is Jökullsalon. Wonderful place. You can actually take a boat ride there and touch ice that is 1000 years old. yes, i love this country. Wonderful pictures. Even to me, who sees sceneries like that almost every day!

tsduff said...

Autumn, I love that calm last picture. Monika (from Iceland) tells me it is a place called Jökullsalon. I've seen other pictures of that place - lots of beautiful blue ice, and black lava residue as well - I'd like to see it in person.

Keshi - tee hee - I love it! Now that song is stuck in my head - how appropos!

Linny, we leave for Iceland the night of June 22, and then will only be in London for a night and day (4th of July). Short but sweet - and Autumn has made sure that our itinerary will be crammed with fun! Aren't we so lucky?! How long will you be in London? A whole week?

Monika - I want to see this lovely glacier lake with the blue ice. I think it is one of the worlds wonders.

Keshi said...

hey I read ur comment in my WIDOW post and I replied...ur's is a fairy tale coming true, mwahh!


Kyahgirl said...

Great pics!

tsduff said...

Thanks Keshi - it is a wondrous ending/beginning, isn't it? Who'd have thunk it? :-D

kevin beck said...



Kuan Gung said...

Wow...you're going to Iceland!!!