Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Flavor Are You?

find your inner PIE @

What's funny is that this is my favorite kind of pie. How nice to match :-)


Trée said...

Mmm, Apple pie here. I'll trade you. :-)

:P fuzzbox said...

It came out pecan pie, nutty but quite rich. Maybe I can win the lottery and make it true.

mergrl said...

Peach pie-- a little tart...a little sweet ROFLMAO

Lindsey said...

I'm peach pie...they must have known I'm from GA.

Keshi said...

Apparently Im an Apple Pie :) says I'm sweet, popular and a classic lol!

ur tangy terry ha :)


tsduff said...

Trée - no deal. I like lime :-)

Fuzz, nutty and rich! Yum - I make a mean black bottom pecan pie (righ dark fudge on the bottom)... Oh, you meant rich as in ka-ching ka-ching... :-D

Trace, sure enough that sounds like you :-) How's it going out there in St Louis? G just passed through there on the Greyhound bus... I told him he should have said hi!

Linny, you Georgia peaches are all so sweet :-) What a claim to fame.

Keshi - It pegged you right too -whoo hoo! Sweet and quite popular! Don't know about classic though - you are not the same as all the rest :-)

Anonymous said...

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SFChick74 said...

I'm Apple Pie too. Bring on the vanilla ice cream!

Agnes Mitchell said...

I'm apple like Tree...and it's my fave too. :)