Friday, August 25, 2006

What happens when you run out of town?
In Iceland, they put up a sign which means: NO MORE TOWN.

The Bear under the sign is a rare Icelandic Bear.


Autumn Storm said...

Walk past a pub when I leave here called the White Bear, always makes me think of you guys being here and the bear pubs near Leicester Square :-) Nice pic of the bear!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Terry. Warning, your sweet message yesterday sent me off on a spiel :-D Also, had slipped my mind about baby bear coming to London (when was that?) - pass on the phonenumbers and let her know that if she ever needs assistance, or even company for that matter, to use it. Safety net, always good to have, not least when travelling alone.

Much love, xoxo

Autumn Storm said...

Longer message below :-)

Minka said...

Wea re funny like that. I have seen these signs too, never occured to me that it was odd before!

mergrl said...

what a great pic :0)