Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Looks so nice... pretty lights glowing on a big skyscraper against the night sky -

Well, I'd say it all depends upon your point of view. To me, it represents the CORPORATE life - (life?? You can't really call that living) i.e. the daily scratching and posturing, without which you will not make it in the dog-eats-dog world of the executive. Some folks actually thrive in such an environment, but after having spent most of my entire career working in the big office for the suits who prance around like cocks on a walk (pardon the old expression - it used to refer to roosters strutting down the sidewalk) I've just about reached my limit of endurance.

I feel like I no longer have the skills to survive in this place. Nor the will.

I want out. I want to spend my days doing something productive, with something to show for my efforts other than a huge stack of paper and a spreading butt from sitting too long in my chair in front of the computer.



Autumn Storm said...

Had a feeling, you were being snowed under over there, and at this time of year too, no fair. :-)

I guess, it's that rocking porch thing that comes into play again, what do we want our memories to consist of.
Some things are really difficult to accomplish, seems like there is a mountain of stuff between here and wherever it is, we want to go. On the other hand, difficult is not the same as impossible.
One day can go with the next, years do the same. Perhaps you need to draw up a plan that will get you where you want to go, set a date, work towards it, nothing wrong with slow so long as you get where you want to go.
Makes those poopy times a helluva lot easier too, if there's something to look forward to.

Anyways, the other feeling I had was not to write something like that, but to write something fun instead, send a giggle...hmm?...where's Lisa when we need her?

tsduff said...

Ah - the cool, calm voice of reason you are Autumn ;-) Thanks. Yes, I suppose if I were to draw up some kind of plan (even that sounds suspiciously like corporate direction... forecasting...) then indeed I would have some goal to look forward to with a measure of progess made. I think it's just one of those days - a culmination of a week of terrible insomnia, taxes (ugh - I just found out that I have to pay taxes to the IRS for the first time in my life) and some planning for my sister's 40th bday bash, of which I seem to be cooking up half the feast... auuuugghhhh.

Combine that with the malady which
Lisa is constantly reminding me of... (the age related M word onset...) and on top of everything, the corporate heads around here actually put doing the company dishes daily at the end of the day into my job description... can you believe that?

Not good. Okay, I'm jumping off the pity pot - been sitting here long enough :-D


islandgrl said...

big cyber hug coming your way my friend, wanna run away and join the circus with me? I have a few more days like today and I am so there :0)

Autumn Storm said...

Ah, yes, so cool and calm lol (Think I was listening to those words myself also;), oh well -
So, hope those poopy suits lay off a little, that the taxes are small, the menu easily decided upon and that everything else takes a step back to give you a nice breather, so that you have a nicer day tomorrow. :-)

javajazz said...

doing the corporate dishes, eh,
at the end of the day?
well i have an idea...
why not add a little special
flavouring to the dish water?
(no, i dont mean THAT,
just, oh i dont know,
i'm still working it out...give me a minute...)
cant think of a thing.
menopause brain and all...

did we already do the visualization
where you imagine them (the suits)
all running around the office
without their pants on?
thats always a fun exercise...
just boxer shorts
or those tighty whiteys
a jacket, shirt and tie...
socks and shoes

no Terry,
you're too cool
to be working with the robots...
how 'bout some funky job
in a neat store somewhere...
sure the pay is poopy,
but you can unearth your soul again...
just a thought.

hey, what the heck's wrong with
i'm diggin' it...
hot flashes,
man they're somethin else...
its like you're just sitting there
and all of a sudden
you feel like you're
i dont know,
embarrassed or something...
just out of the blue
nothing happened
you just get all hot and
then just a bit hotter...
plus finding the right outfit
to match the colour of my moustache,
that really keeps me busy...
when i'm not screaming at everyone
or crying for no particular reason....
ya, the Big M

Autumn Storm said...

lol, I have so much to look forward to!

(Man! ;-) so that's why the word poopy keeps popping up in my mind!)

javajazz said...

yes, Menopause,
just another beautiful gift
for women
from Mother Nature...
thanks, Mom!

its a great word.
you wont believe it
but its my son's nickname for me
and my nickname for my son...
not even sure where it came from.
i guess i'm just kind of....Poopy.

Meg said...

I can feel your misery all the way over here.....its the same. And month-end is especially crazy...all of a sudden the talking heads decide they need this, that and the other thing...TODAY....I just want to respond by about three weeks ago when you knew you were going to need it. And, when I knew you knew....see, my sentences don't even make sense anymore....LOL

If all you lovely ladies are running away....let me hitch a ride please!

Jeanne said...

I'm itching for a change too. I HAVE to use what's in me. I'll pop if I don't.

Autumn Storm said...

...whereas I seem to generate change all the bloomin' time.

Poopy as a nickname, lol, too cute! M calls me Skatter, which means Treasures, how cute is that! I'm not as kind, lol, she's Mus(mouse), Musling(Mussle), Chocolate Muffin and Baby. ?! How do come up with these things.

tsduff said...

Trace!!! So fun to hear from you. Sorry I'm not the only one climbing the walls - may you land on the beach very soon, with calming gentle waves and your beautiful S lounging beside you.. :-D I'm ready to join the circus, but whatever shall I do? I don't have the figure to twirl by my teeth above the audience anymore... how about the girl who rides the elephants? I could do that.

:P fuzzbox said...

It looks pretty but I couldn't live there.

Minka said...

I have never worked in a job like that yet. I guess it most be tormenting seeing more stupid people lookign down on you when all you want to do is give them a piece of your mind that will shut them up for good.
Is there soemthign you are particularly interested in, something you always wanted to do...

javajazz said...

ha! autumn, just saw the nicknames...
some may think they're just too darn good
for silly nicknames, but i say
you cant have too many Poopies..
i love that sometimes they make no sense...
Treasures (Skatter) is cool, but then,
Chocolate Muffin is yummy, just like our
kids are (when they're not being little shits,
that is....) sarah is Sasa, named by brother
Brian, my dad was named Guy by Brian also,
and that went over extremely well, considering
his name is Lawrence or Larry, he loved the new
identity from all 4 of his grandchildren...i have
a friend named Larry also whom we call Muck,
and my dearest friend sandy is called Loody....
dont ask! this stuff just happens...