Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This, is my own rendition of Birna's Brown Sugar Cake. It is the most insane blend of sugar I've ever attempted to make or to eat. We enjoyed it when first made by G's cousin Birna in Iceland, when we unsuspectingly went for "coffee" and 3 hours later tried to lift our overstuffed selves up from the table... I have mentioned before that having "coffee" in Iceland as a guest, consists of a groaning table loaded down with everything delicious you can imagine, from a variety of creamy and smooth Icelandic cheeses, exotic cold cuts of cold smoked lamb (Hangikjöt), smoked salmon, salamis, ham... and then there are the crackers & breads... baskets of breads laden with baked in cheese, sweet cake muffins, tender cinnamon swirled slices. There was skyr (the Icelandic equivalent but not the same as yogurt), sweet pickles, olives to munch out on to your heart's content (or perhaps TOO much for your heart's content... LOL) and last but certainly not least were the desserts. Imagine a huge assortment here as well, but this brown sugar cake stole the show. It is made with a layer of brown sugar meringue, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate bits, then a layer of port-drizzled airy & crispy macaroons, more dark Icelandic chocolate, then topped with a final cloud of whipped cream, fresh fruit and more shaved chocolate. It was so sweet I couldn't even eat it (I'm more of a savory food fan) but my resident Icelander polished his off with great relish (no, not the pickled kind LOL!). Wash all of this down with Applesin (orange pop) & Malt - or pots of coffee. They are adept at the art of eating in that awesome little country.


:P fuzzbox said...

That sounds crazee tastee.

Keshi said...

omg ur making me hungry! Im gonna go get some coffee n cake.


Autumn Storm said...

Yummy, Yummy, now I have a hungry tummy!
Wow, that looks absolutely scrumptious and thoroughly decadent! Like your Iceland posts about these kinds of traditions, remind me very much of the Danish ones, lots of similarities and this is one of them, i.e. going for coffee there is exactly how you describe it to be in Iceland. Have visions of you and the bear trying to get back up off the couch after putting away 'coffee' :-D Now that I've seen how good your baking looks, I've every intention of sampling the real thing one day, even if it means coming all the way to California ;-)
Happy Thursday, xoxoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like we have some of the same blog buddies.

That cake looks gooooood!!
I'd like a big piece right now.

actonbell said...

Gracious! What a beautiful cake.

And this all sounds like heaven to me. Smoked salmon always jumps out at me, and I bet they have it in abundance in Iceland. Mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Yum. I miss that cake, it was one of my favorite treats.

Minka said...

*nods head*
almost every Sunday I get to eat those...and Egils appelsin...there is no comparishment in teh world!

tsduff said...

:P Fuzzbox - If you like sweet - this is for you!

Keshi - how was it? I could use an afternoon pickerupper right about now - coffee and cake sounds fabulous... :-D

Okay Autumn - got the receipes lined up for your visit. When do we start? Oh, and please bring some of the Danish traditions along - they sound good. (No English bangers though...) XOOO

Hey Jamie - a small world indeed (the blogging world that is :-D) Don't know if you could handle a big piece... it is SO decadent!

Actonbell, the smoked salmon is to die for - as is the cod, the shrimp, the hardfiskur... and all the other seafood offerings which are always available.

Hi Mataya! góðan daginn :-) I have the receipe if you want it... although you'll have to make it with Hawaiian ingredients - LOL should be just as good! Hope your shoulder is feeling better.

Okay, so Monika, how do you keep your girlish penguin figure when you get to eat cake every Sunday?? Tell me your secret!