Monday, September 11, 2006

What I really love about Iceland are the many wide open views. The scale is grand everywhere you look.

It seems like every day I long for those open spaces more. Living here in the bay area means there are cars - autos and traffic all the time. I can hardly face it somedays.

I want to see a scene like this instead.

It's not like I'm a hermit or anything - um - er well maybe just a bit. Posted by Picasa


Tree said...

I could fall in love with that third photo.

tsduff said...

I most certainly already have.

Minka said...


I like how you see icleand, soemtimes I pass amazing views without noticing them anymore...they become part of your every day often remind me how beautiful it all is:)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Well maybe just a LITTLE hermit-like. But what's wrong with that??? Sometimes I think that kind of solitude is just what I need. lol.

Read your message about the name thing, by the way. I personally don't care if you use my real name. Most of the people who read my blog are my friends anyway and already know my name. That one particular friend (if I am guessing correctly which one) can be a little overprotective at times. :)

Beautiful pictures again!

Keshi said...

Iceland seems like what heaven looks like.


:P fuzzbox said...

The pic of the church is amazing.

tsduff said...

Monika - I know how much you would miss those views if they were suddenly unavailable! YOur country is so indescribably beautiful - pictures just give a glimpse of the actual reality.

OD - I actually have a great deal of "hermit" in me - I've known this for years. But somehow it doesn't look good in print :-D.

Oh, and it is nice to have friends who really care :-D

Keshi - even though you like the warm climes... I'm sure you would love the eye candy which the Icelandic countryside truly provides.

:P Fuzzbox - There are lots of those churches scattered about the Land... and you never know when you will happen upon one, no matter how remote the area. They are unique and so pretty. Who would have thought that black and white would make such a picturesque building?

Autumn Storm said...

That white house, that's just about my dream :-) I can imagine what it would be like to wake up to magnificent views like that each morning, such wonder, wouldn't it just make every morning a perfect one!

tsduff said...

Autumn! Welcome home :-) Hope you found everything in order and A-okay upon your return. Back to another change of pace I reckon :-) I'm with you - that little white house, in all its simplicity and quiet solitude sounds like a dream place to me. Happy Homecoming.

Bart said...