Monday, October 16, 2006

Goodbye to Summer

Join us at the bonfire
Bring your comfy clothes
We'll light it when the sun sinks low
And birds are on the doze

Our tummies full of clams and steaks
We roasted o're the flames
The smiles now come more quickly
Since we've learned others' names

We'll sit around in folding chairs
We've wedged into the sand
A jug of applejack or wine
Will pass from hand to hand

Suddenly someone jumps up,
and wheels around the rim
With yips and leaps
Of wild abandon
Dancing arm and limb

At that the circle
Becomes filled
With bodies head to toe
Which dance and shimmy
To the cries
Which utter from each throat

Everybody's laughing
Collapsing on the sand
A pile of helpless giggling fools
Oh boy it's all so grand


Anonymous said...

Terry, I like the way you think. I'll bring Jose, just in case, if you don't mind. :-)

Autumn Storm said...

Oh, Terry, that is precisely what I see in my mind's eye, what I imagine we would be like if were were all together. This post is amazing, the words and those most beautiful pictures to go with. You have such a talent for expression, you've near made it all real.
Love it, love you. :-)

tsduff said...

Trée - Ha ha, a little Jose and who knows where the night would go :-D

Autumn - "near made it all real"... all except the people! Now if only I could wave my magic stick, and we would ALL really instantly be there...wouldn't it really be grand??

Autumn Storm said...

Absolutely grand! Oh, what a night that would be. :-D

Autumn Storm said...

Terry, :-D, thank you so much for the postcard!!! Looks beautiful. Such a sweet gesture, I'm touched. XO

Oliviah said...

That sounds like so much fun, what a great post!

:P fuzzbox said...

Sounds like my kind of shindig.

Kyahgirl said...

I love a good bonfire. Pass the whiskey!!

Autumn Storm said...

I've managed to take a peak at most of those webcams now, still doesn't play competely nice, but enough to get almost all the way around the island. :-) Just saw a little of the sunrise over Reykjavik - lovely!

Good morning, x

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's wonderful--I enjoyed that. And yes, summer weather is history around here for another year, too. But we must enjoy the beautiful fall!

tsduff said...

Autumn - snail mail makes smiles too :-)

Thanks Oliviah - loved your comment.

:PFuzzbox - you Texans always make the sord Shindig sound like great fun :-)

Julie - pull up a chair and join the fun! Oh, and extra bottles are always welcom :-D

Autumn - I love those webcams *on my side bar under Island Webcams* I look at them daily and get my fix of that little country.

Actonbell - well, you have the lovely fall colors back there to match the season - one day I'd like to see them :-D Yes, Fall is here.

jillie said...

I love a good bonfire esp at the beach. I bring the dogs and a nice bottle of wine and we all sit around the fire and chill out...oh so nice.

Mile Stones said...

Well Terry, that's one hell of an original way to report a beach party! It works beautifully, brniging the pictures to life. Doesn't look like the summer's moving too far away there. Where in Cal are you - northern, southern?

Anonymous said...