Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hear the wind sighing

Leaves raking along the roadside

Swirls of change

Delicious smell of woodsmoke

Breath deeply

The crisp fall air


Tom & Icy said...

I love these photos. I lived in Appalachia when I was young and these bring back such delightful memories I've almost forgotten. As beautiful as the pictures are, the real beauty is being there.
And thank you so much for that comment that showed that you saw the point of my picture I took with my cheapy camera. I understand what you were saying about the frustrations and pressures of the corporate world, but there were also frustrations and pressures in the simple life.

ECS said...

just in time to get me excited about my trip to New England! It's my favorite time of year there, and it's not too bad here in Iceland either.

still, nothing quite like a proper multicolored autumn. I'm going to eat bushels of ripe apples.

Kyahgirl said...

Terry, those photos are spectacular! the forest one is great.

Autumn Storm said...

Wow, that second one is what pure joy looks like in tree form. (Did that make sense? :-D) Love that picture - I need to know where that is and I need to go. And when I get there, I hope that last picture is nearby because I'll be tired from travelling and that's where I want to spend the night! And not just one. Imagine having a cabin of that kind one could go to at any time, my little shack on the cliff would be fine alone, but somewhere like that, that needs two.
Wonderful post, Terry, pure bliss to come see, thanks, x

Autumn Storm said...

Man, sometimes I do so ramble!

Autumn Storm said...

'Man'! -- that's the work of our friend javajazz :-D

tsduff said...

Ramble on... :-) We do have a cabin in the woods - up in the mountains. It isn't as quaint as the one posted above, but it is snug and usually filled with people at Thanksgiving. Remember last Thanksgiving all I did was talk about dinner? Well, this year G's Mom might come all the way to California from Florida - she is 81. I'm thrilled.

tsduff said...

Javajazz - (no names anymore?) is quite the freespirit influence, oh yes. :-D

Autumn Storm said...

No reason for the use of javajazz. :-)
Oh, yes, recall the cabin and sleeping under the stars - lucky you guys.

Hope Mom does come - that would be lovely, for her (has she been to Walnut Creek before?) and for the both of you.

I'm so easily influenced with language and different expressions tend to come in waves like I will forget about them for a while and then be reminded and there it will be back in my everyday vocabulary, very strange. :-D
Man alive - I've actually been trying to adopt that one lol, but it's not working, just doesn't sound right in my mouth. :-D
Got a couple over from DT, I must start using too.
Yep, one of these days, I'm going to be very interesting to listen to. LOL

tsduff said...

Thank you Tom & Icy for your kind remarks. I've never been to Appalacia before, nor seen the beautiful trees turning colors like these, but I can appreciate the colors. Here in California we do have trees which show gorgeous color such as the liquid amber trees, and the ash and sycamores... but I'm sure not to the extent of back east.

I enjoy Icy very much - it is the first place I visit every day.

ECS - I can relate to wanting to see the trees - that was one thing I noticed a definate lack of in Iceland... and the ones up to the northeast in the forest are all evergreens, hence no colors but green! I hope your trip back is wonderful, filled with warm hugs from family and friends. Being away is lonely at times. I'm going next week (after I get back from Wyoming) to a place in California (Placerville) where we shall feast on the crisp apples. I shall bring home loads with which to make apple pies, strudels, crisps - all the usual suspects :-D

tsduff said...

Kyahgirl - who doesn't love a forest full of trees... and especially at this time of year? :-D

Autumn - LOL! You are a traveler at heart just like the rest of us. And yes, the cabin needs company to talk above the crackle of the fire place, the rain pounding on the roof, and to help eat the good grub.

Mom Bernard has never been to my home in Walnut Creek - it will be a first. They used to live in CA many years ago (*sigh)when I first met G :-)

Man alive girl - where on earth did that come from anyway? ;-)
No worries - you already have a colorful and delightful way of speaking. It WAS truly good to hear you over the phone... hope you are still planning your trip to the states. (after the London gig is settled of course).

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie got here safe--now off to the woods for a good night sleep--love you gb

Jeanne said...

Today it feels like autumn here for the first time this year. I didn't even mind that I biked home with the wind against me because it was such a wonderful wind. My favorite season by far, the one that makes me eager for the unknown.
I left an answer to your comment, btw.

javajazz said...

he's sleeping in the woods????
isnt that....dangerous?

Rambling Jazzy here!
(when Autumn says man alive,
it sounds funny!
like a newscaster or something...
or sportscaster
(whats with the caster?)
okay, if you guys start rambling
more than i can,
then what will i do??
huh, huh?
when Terry says man alive!
it sounds right...
when Autumn says
she's gonna get something "sorted"
or such like,
then it sounds 'bout right...

i remember thanksgiving!
isnt that when you had a bunch of people
to your cabin or something?
or was that christmas?
sleeping bodies everywhere?

i didnt think they had Autumn
in WC, Terry.
honest, i thought there was only
one season in california..."ON"
no, wait, make that "exceedingly warm"...
but when i check the weather in brians town,
lately its been almost the same as our weather
here! shocking but true!

i am not a traveller at heart...
oh look, another canadian spelling
anyway, i'm a homebody at heart.
maybe thats why its so hard to meet people.
but i do like pumpkins
and even tho i've decided i will not have
any last minute turkey dinners here
this year, i couldnt help but purchase
some pumpkin pie fixins...
(cranberries too...)
i looked at those turkeys
but no...not this year..
(i always say that...)

last year at the last minute
we decided to have my ex
and his parents here and my
parents (pretty odd when we're
all divorced and stuff...!)
but it worked, and it worked
and it turns out, on a rather
bittersweet note
that that was my ex's dad's
last thanksgiving dinner ever,
as he passed away around
the end of november last year
actually during the american
thanksgiving weekend,
because my sweet teary eyed son
flew home for the funeral...
but Grampy was 91 and he
had had a wonderful long life
and it was a hell of a good
thanksgiving dinner too,
i might add,
so it all worked out
rather sweetly.

:P fuzzbox said...

I love fall.

Minka said...

I just love this seasin, nothign quite like it. My pictures and colours donæt even come close to teh rainbow you just displayed. Wonderful! beautiful and refreshing!

Anonymous said...