Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm going.

Leaving on a jet plane.

Going to see my baby sister.

And another sister.

A small hitch.

I get scared when I fly.


javajazz said...

well, as long as the pilot doesnt get scared
when HE flies,
everything should be just fine!
hey, i didnt know you had
all those sisters!
(i have 2, one older one younger!)
its nice that you're going to see them,
little seagull!
just have fun!!
(take some of your dental valium!)
works for me...
i always borrow something
from my mom's nice pill stash....
comes in reeeeeal handy!

tsduff said...

My dear, what are you doing up so late? tee hee... I was hoping to get to bed early in order to wake so early tomorrow... but no such luck. I'm chatting with my sisters whom I'll be seeing manana... ha ha how silly is that? I AM taking the dental meds with me... HAVE TO.

I'm actually more inclined toward the crows and ravens, but I do have a fondness toward seagulls too... particularly this one.

Your mom lives close by? I'm so jealous. So sorry about your Dad - ~hugs~

I had 4 sisters - and 1 brother - now only 3 sis's. We do okay.
My bro needs special handling ha ha ha. He turned 50 last year.

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Terry!
(My connection is down)

Have a ton of fun this weekend!!

As much as you fly around, I never knew that. It'll be just fine of course, about as safe as a person can be up there. :-) Take care and we'll be here when you get back, x

Meg said...

Hope your enjoying your visit. Safe travels back....

:P fuzzbox said...

Have a safe trip.

Semina said...

Have a wonderful time with your sister.
Semina is an only child and just a little jealous and lonely :}

Autumn Storm said...

Selfish of me, but I'm glad you're back today - Missing you a whole BIG bunch!!!
Can't wait to hear how it went - convinced you must have had the time of your life. :-)

Keshi said...

Terry awww dun be scared of flying. I love it. In fact it's the safest form of travel.

TC n good luck!

Minka said...

You photocollage looks odd in Mozilla Firefox...maybe it is just this broser though?!
Have a lovely trip and less people get killed flying than driving a car ;)