Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're half a century old?

Me neither


Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-now does one expose Your secret--Much Love On Your Day gb

javajazz said...

how did you find
that photo of me?

what secret?
nosy people want to know!!
tell us!!
tell us, gb
is it your bday or something?
is it your happy birthday?
i bet if i go over to autumns
she'll have some humongous
happy birthday thingy...
she knows when everyones bday is...
what is it?
are you pregnant?
c'mon...give it up!!!

Autumn Storm said...

Alas, not humongous :-) Not on my own comp, so it's a standard b'day wish, I'm afraid.
Terry, happy birthday my dear sweet friend!!! Hope you have a fabulous day of celebrations. I'll call you tonight, but I don't want to disturb in case you are having a party etc, so just let me know if you are busy and I'll just do a quick sing-song. :-D
Love to you, birthday hugs too, xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Heh. I do have days when my joints make that much noise, though!

jillie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!! You are not getting are only getter BETTER!!
Have a great day and it's a day to have your cake and eat it too!!!

Jodes said...

are you the terrt getting b-day wishes from Ms. Autumn Storm? Have a good one.

javajazz said...

Ha! see how smart i am?
i could be a detective i'm so hip!
hope you have a wonderful day
full of festivities and fun!!
much love and happy times
on this special day!
xoxo lisa

tsduff said...

Annonymous - you bean spiller you... love you anyway :-D

Lisa - how did you guess I was pregnant? sheesh Sherlock! (not in this lifetime!!) Actually, in dog years, I'm 350!

Autumn - you're the best. *big grin* Thanks for the sing song ~ Lisa is right - you always know everybody's bday :-D Even with no computer to call your own at the moment! HUGS xxxxooooooooooo

Actonbell - Joints? Noise? Oh, is THAT what that is :-D I thought it was my squeaky shoes.

Jillie - awe - thanks! (I like your cake - the virtual kind with no calories)

Jodes - yep - the one and only I'm afraid :-) Thanks :-)

To the hipster Lisa - you are one smart puppy! Today is also the birthday of the great Mark Twain, and today at lunch, I'll be dining in the school cafeteria with my grandson, who was born on my birthday exactly 5 years ago :-D

Doug said...

That was a very subtle way of announcing your birthday. I hope it's a grand one. Give the world another 50 years and you just might feel the last.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERRY!!! (From one Sagittarius to another ;) Hope this one is wonderful. And I agree that you aren't getting older...only better! :)


Mo'a said...

Happy Birthday, Terry....had I known I would have baked you a cake.....chocolate with marzipan decorations.
Now if I were only 50, I would be feeling young....age is only a number....and as far as I am concerned mine is not going over 48.....although I feel 23.
I liked your Northern light post...was the maid Icelandic?...I remember when I was a child and living in Iceland my family would come out and enjoy the beauty of of the matter how often we saw them we were always in awe.

Minka said...

Nope, absolutely not. never. No...seriously, not a single day...

Happy birthday terry... here is to the next half of a century!
may icleand be involved in it ;)

javajazz said...

Mark Twain AND your grandson
share your special day?!
(did they have yummy
cupcakes for you, er, i mean,
for your grandson at school?)
so, like, are you 50?
(told you i was smart!)

(sheesh, Sherlock?)

hope you had the best day!
and here's to Bean Spiller
for gently letting us know!

catnapping said...

Oh, to get up in the morning, and put on a sturdy pair of jeans and a warm shirt. No worries about dress codes, or if the guy next door will think my tummy isn't flat enough...

I like to believe that by the time I make it to my 90s, I'll be a wholy unselfish, unself-conscious person, unconcerned with material possessions, save a good pair of boots, a sturdy pair of jeans and warm flannel shirt...

I hope by then, I'll have given everything away, and own nothing but what I need to make it through the day.

catnapping said...

omg Happy Birthday!

Autumn Storm said...

Happy day-after-your-birthday. :-D

:P fuzzbox said...

Happy Birthday!!! Many youthful happy returns.

Kyahgirl said...

Nice picture Terry! Are you sure you're not 1.5 centuries old???

Happy Happy Day to you.


Meg said...

Well, late as usual....hope all your birthday wishes came true and that you spent the day (or at least part of it) doing something special for yourself.

Have a great weekend !!

tsduff said...

Nice comment Doug. Beagles can be respectful at times.

Thanks Julie - Sagittarians are cool:-)

Mo'a - um - cake! Marzipan - isn't that a known German ingredient? I haven't seen it in Icelandic cakes. I bet it would be shaped into cool little guys!

I don't know know if the maid was Icelandic or not, but she was sure trying to strong-arm the little friend into going to bed with that story!

Minka - Pequins live forever, don't they? I've never seen one with wrinkles :-) Thanks for your kind sentiments - I hope Iceland is part of the next 50 as well :-D

Lisa - yes, I walk in the hallway of great folks whose birthdays coincide with mine. Lucky me! Alas, no cupcakes, as now classes have decreed only healthy snacks are allowed... cupcakes don't fall into that category anymore :-(
That Bean-Spiller - gotta love him :-D

javajazz said...

what the....?
cupcakes are no longer
considered healthy??
but they contain
all the food groups,
dont they?
(is chocolate a food group?)
i think they promote
happiness, anyway,
and that's very healthy...

ps a very merry unbirthday
to you!

tsduff said...

Catnapping - So nice of you to stop by! I love your art - it is fabulous. I wish I owned some - especially the crows. As for your dress code philosophy I'm in full agreement. I wish more folks thought that way. There is much in the way of material possessions which I would be better off without, but getting rid of it is the hard part. A simple life is what I long for.

Hey Autumn - smiles :-) Happy evening - how was it?

:P Fuzzbox - thanks! I love the thought. *youthful* :-D

Laura - I could be that old - in someone,somewhere's timeframe. You just never know. Life is grand - no matter how many years/centuries/minutes old one is

Meg - Always like a breath of fresh air you breeze in :-) Thanks - I did have a lovely time yesterday. Did you know I'm the luckiest person in the universe - to have been able to spend the early Spring, and now the Fall of our lives together with the man who shares my soul? I'm so blessed.

tsduff said...

Lisa - Chocolate contains the essentials of life, yes? (This is according to the Bear I live with) Cupcakes do promote happiness - in every way, what with their happy frosted tops and their tasty surprise inside... A very happy unbirthday to you as well :-D XO

Mile Stones said...

Terry, you may have clocked up the half-ton, but you are too coy! After being *awesomely, or awfully, angelic* on Wednesday, I went away yesterday morning on a relative wild one & just got back. What a way to learn you are 1 day & 6 years behind me! This calls for a Sagittarian party! Dancing in the screens! Moet via the mouse Krug through the keyboards. Well i'm at elast gonna send you something corvid.....Big Kisses & I wish wasn't late!

Mile Stones said...

PS - Was that before or after the extreme makeover? And if chocolate contains all the essentials of life, then I have a reason to attack the huge collection of Cote D'Or Noir de Noir that was brought me by hand from Belgium a couple of weeks ago. As someone pointed out to me, That's some SERIOUS chocolate! I'll be toasting you on it, promise! xxx

tsduff said...

Mile Stones: Corvids - oh goody goody! I'm excited! And oh my, such decandent sweets you talk of... chocolate like I've never tasted. I like it: the calories will look far better on you than me :-D Have you ever had See's candy? I know it may seem rather ordinary to those European palates, but truly the dark chocolate is delicious. Glad to hear you had a fun time for your birthday - both angelic and not-so angelic :-D

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! 'Tis your birthday! Ooooweeee! And I almost missed it? Dios mio!

Happy, happy for one fab lady! Live it up and DANCE THE DANCE ELECTRIC!!! WOOH!

Gareth said...

Half a century, hmmmmmmm no, 49 years, yes many times lol.

Have a happy weekend :)

Gareth said...

OH!! Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it, primarily because I didn't know it was your birthday yesterday :P
I'm happy to know that there is another Sagittarean on my blog roll. It's my birfday on the 4th :D

neva said...

tho' late to the party, my comment brings with it sincere wishes for 50 more beautiful, happy and joyful years!!

oooh, and trust me, once you get over the "shock" of being 50, it's actually a lot of fun! (besides, 50 is the new 30... at least that's what i keep telling myself.) xoxo

Keshi said...


I dun think that ur young spirit and ur beautiful soul will ever grow old even if ur 200yrs old...ur only 50yrs YOUNG swt hrt HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Jeanne said...

I spent your entire birthday, california time, working. No, wait, that's a lie. I went to work at 1.30 am, your time. Damn it. I could have squeezed in a birthday wish, if I'd known.

Happy, happy, happy. I hope you got some good cake. November 30. I'll just tuck that into the back of my mind.

Mile Stones said...

Another day older. Isn't 50 great?
One of my bogista-pals sent me a mail composed just of all the words of Dylan's Forever Young - loved it. See's candy? What's that? Really, nothing can get near anything Belgian. Cote D'Or is, by their standards, just the mass-market stuff. But, my oh my, what stuff! If you're ever in Europe at Xmas or better, Easter time, pop in to Brussels or Antwerp or Bruges, just because you will not believe your eyes to see what they do with chocolate. And save all your taste-buds. Calories? No problem and this stuff is made with high levels of pure cacao. I read that amongst everything else found beneath the debris of the WTC after 9/11, there were 50,000 boxes of Leonidas chocolates, which are incredible. Now, my resident biologist has posted a kind of explanation for you on Sea-Ravens-that-aren't-Corvids.

Autumn Storm said...

Honestly, good, and I was knackered. And strange to be in that kind of environment again, and though the next 3 months will be fun no doubt, I am kind of glad to start with a point to look towards.
We had a steel drum band there yesterday, that was absolutely the best bit. :-D

How goes your pan?

Anonymous said...

Terry, please forgive me. I didn't realize this was your birthday post. Happy belated Birthday! Hope and trust you had a wonderful weekend.

tsduff said...

Miz B - Thanks chica - my animated friend :-) Happy Monday once again! (another year older and deeper in debt).

tsduff said...

Gareth - it's all in the wording, yes? Happy Happy birthday to you little Sagittarian Leprechaun :-)

Neva - Late is good! Thank you so much for your kind well wishes. I told my daughter, who just turned 30 that very same thing (50 is the new 30... Ha ha ha - she didn't agree) :-)

tsduff said...

Keshi - Thank you so much for your sweet wishes! You are a wonderful encourager - and although I doubt very much that I'll ever be 200 years old, ha ha, you made my day. Hugs!

Oh Jeanne - sorry you were working the night away :-( Hope it is a good thing. I also hope you are able to take some quality time out for yourself and your family sooner than later. I didn't really get any cake on my birthday, but my Sweetie made a scrumptious dinner just for us to cozy up to alone. It was lovely. Dark chocolate makes the perfect dessert.

tsduff said...

Mile Stones: I have a Leonidas chocolatery right down the street in Walnut Creek - they do have delunchie chocolates of all kinds that melt in your mouth. But don't knock See's until you have tried it. They are not European - they are made here in the States. Yum. Thanks for the "explanation" on Sea Ravens (HA!) or cormorants-that-aren't-corvids. :-) ~smiles~

tsduff said...

knackered... what is that? Ha ha - sounds like "schnockered" or something similar which means soused, hammered, wasted, loaded, etc :-D I am assuming you meant tired or something like that.

Took my last class with the pan - (boo hoo) until winter class in January starts. I still absolutely love it, and can't wait to learn more. You had a band there yesterday!? Did it make you smile? They make everybody happy :-)

tsduff said...

Trée: Forgive you? For what pray tell? :-) My post was purposely obscure... :-D Just happy to see your face. Hope your weekend was equally excellent - get your xmas shopping done?

Anonymous said...

Terry, I'm 90% done with my shopping. The internet is good for something after all. :-D

Anonymous said...