Monday, November 06, 2006

For me, THIS is how Monday is looking today.


Oliviah said...

That is soooo cute!!!! :)

javajazz said...

small and furry?

tsduff said...

Oliviah - yes, in one perspective it is very cute! If you were the squirrel - perhaps you would have a different view. :-D

Lisa - ha ha ha ha!!!! Again, I'd say, "Perhaps yes - small and furry, from one person's point of view". I can also see a largely out-of-control soul, barreling through space in a freefall, no time to do anything but say a prayer.

javajazz said...

fasten your seatbelt, baby!
barrelling thru space
in a freefall,
now theres an image!
just make sure
you're not carrying
what's-her-name's coffee
when you're flying!
happy landing!

Mo'a said...

Fly Me to the Moon!!! Great photo, hope your day turned out alright :)

jillie said...

That squirrel has way too much energy...can I have some of that? Maybe he got MY mocha to go this morning. All I got was warm milk with chocolate. The guy forgot my coffee!'s a monday :o)

tsduff said...

Lisa - ha ha ha, maybe the coffee was flying too - hot coffee everywhere.

Mo'a - thanks - it actually turned out fine. I finally did land - when I hit the bed. Turned out the light and went to sleep :-)

Jillie - bleah! *shudders* I would freak out if they forgot the coffee. Mocha is my coffee drink of choice, and Starbucks makes it perfectly most of the time.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I would say that my Mondays look like that,too, but that squirrel appears to have much more energy. :)

Minka said...

jumpy, ey??
I laughed out loud when the pic appeared. It is good to laugh...although it is Tuesday by now :)

jillie said...

I usually go to the place that's a block down the hill from me but instead I cheated and went somewhere else! That'll teach me...ugh! But's not Monday anymore and I got my coffee fix :o)

javajazz said...

mmmm, warm milk with chocolate!
i could dig that!
whats the ratio of the coffee
to hot chocolate in that mocha thingy?
sounds good too!
cant have too much caffeine.
hey, its my only vice, okay?

:P fuzzbox said...

One small step for a squirrel one giant leap for squirrelkind. :)

Miss Litzi said...

Hi tsduff,
Oh, this leaping squirrel is SO cute! Perhaps he’s hoping to bypass the whole “Monday” thing and move on to Tuesday as quickly as possible. Very nice photo!

Manuel Tendero Gil said...


tsduff said...

ODG - Mondays just ARE. That squirrel was trying to reach his coffee!

Minka - yes, it IS good to laugh! And by the time I got back to answer you - it is already Thursday!!! (slow and steady wins the race)

Jillie - I've switched places for grabbing my mocha too - and been disappointed! It just makes going back to the usual place that much sweeter :-)

Lisa - I don't know the ratio. They just make stong coffee, dump a bunch of delicious chocolate syrup into it, add some whipped cream and voila. Yum Yum. It isn't my Only vice.

:P Fuzzbox: Well it was a giant leap for someone anyhow. Wonder how the landing turned out?

Thanks Miss Litzi - I think you're right about bypassing Monday :-D I'm with you.

Gracias Manuel usted are muy clase. :-)

Mile Stones said...

For me, this Mr Squirrel symbolises more my Saturdays or Sundays, when I can't wait to get out, into the car and away, because the weekend mornings are the best time to be on the road, alone. Mondays-Fridays, it's usually up slow, then into this chair in front of this pc screen and work without even getting out.

Anonymous said...