Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Endless crash of waves
Salty taste of windswept foam
I touch the earth's life


Trée said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Wow! You did it again Terry. :-)

Autumn Storm said...

Between your picture and Trée's chapter, I'm just about finished for the day! I just want to lay me down and marvel at what beautiful minds, hearts and souls you both have.
This picture is so very, very lovely. I sit here, looking at what is in essense just a photo, but, as you always do, you've chosen one that makes a person feel as close to being there as possible. I can feel the wind, hear the waves and the peacefulness. Wonderful post, Terry, wonderful!

javajazz said...

that is so incredibly

jillie said...

I can taste the salty air just looking at that picture. You have the most amazing pictures Terry.

javajazz said...

this morning when i
was all messed up
having poorly thoughts,
i put this image
into my minds eye
and it really helped
pull me out of my funk.
its cool,
in a warm glowing
kind of a way...

whyioughtta said...

The earth really is alive--it's truly awesome when someone captures such a dazzling glimpse of that life.

Keshi said...

And nothing can make me happy as the ocean does..lovely pic n post Terry!

U have a great holiday season HUGGGGGGGZ!


Autumn Storm said...

Evening, sweetie, x
Back for another (of many) looksee at this amazing post. I've completely fallen in love with it, I long to be there, to see it for myself. That would surely be as perfect a moment as could be.

Sweet dreams, talk to you tomorrow. :-)

White Forest said...

hey... very beautiful pics in this blog!

Jeanne said...

Hunched bird on a rock
Waits for Christmas and sunshine
Just round the corner.

tsduff said...

Trée: Did what? :-D This is just filed as "places I'd rather be..." LOL Happy Christmas to you and your dear ones.

Autumn - You always have the very nicest things to say to warm a person and bring a smile. Thanks :-) Come sit on the rock with me and listen to the waves...

Hey Lisa - how's you this morning? Autumn and I are out in the spray - come join us for a moment of peaceful reflection ;-)

Jillie - from one beachgirl wannabee... to a real one, Happy Christmas across the land. Hope the frost didn't nip your nose last night at the game :-D

Lisa - like I said - what are you waiting for? Let's go. The orange glow from the sunrise/sunset can wash away our malaise for a bit.

whyioughtta - :-) It is great when another soul can see and touch the earth in its many forms. You got any beaches away up there in Quebec?

Keshi - Merry / Happy Holidays to you Keshi = I wish you love and joy to you this season! Beaches make life bearable.

Autumn - Ever cheerful, ever awake... I see you still up and about even as I write this. Christmas plans in full swing? My daughter is having a sort of Christmas celebration tonight (cooking the turkey at my house)because she and her sweetie leave for Utah tomorrow. So I must somehow have a wrapping marathon today when I dash home for lunch... auuughhhh!!!!

Rathna - so nice of you to stop by. You have a lovely site as well. Thank you for the kind words :-)

Jeanne - Grins... I like your haiku :-) Mine is a bit rusty - having not dragged it out for a while. Nicely said.

Jeanne said...

Your multi dimensional haiku (picture included) inspired mine. Haiku bows to haiku, and sits down for a shared cup of hot chocolate to warm in the brisk wind.

Autumn Storm said...

Yes, please. I'll bring a thermus of cocoa along. Lisa can bring some cookies. :-)

Which daughter, Terry? I thought all three were spending Christmas at home with you?

Meg said...

Beautiful, as you are....

May you and yours have a very blessed Christmas and all dreams come true for the New Year.


tsduff said...

Jeanne - ah - beautiful. You folks from up there know how to enjoy. :-)

Autumn - Pass the cocoa - and I think Lisa said she has some gingerbread cookies in the icebox...

My daughter Hannah is going to Utah manana and leaving Hunter home with me :-D Becky and her BF will join us for dinner tonight too.

Meg - thanks for the sweet words
:-) I'm wishing you the best for the New Year as well - after the rollercoaster of last year this one will be bright and hopeful.

javajazz said...

actually, due to technical difficulties
i might have not baked one single
cookie and as the deadline is pretty
much passed, i might take the room
temperature butter i have on the counter
and do something else with it, like,
put it back in the fridge...
wow, heavy,
thats like a metaphor
for my life or something...
but i'm down with the cocoa
fer surrrrrrrrrrre!

Autumn Storm said...

Lisa :-)

Mile Stones said...

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful!