Friday, January 05, 2007

Okay, the weekend is finally upon us!

~wooo hooooo~

What is your best place to get away from it all?

A lonely isolated cabin along a wild and surging sea?
A luxury 5 star hotel at a posh resort?
Enjoying a weekend with friends on a wine tasting tour?
Camping up in the piney mountains?
Laying low at home - turning off the phone?
None of the above? free polls


javajazz said...

oh goodie
i'm not the only
anti social hermit...

javajazz said...

you kids really went away
on yet another weekend adventure?
because you can...
i love that!
thats very cool.
have fun!

Kyahgirl said...

Hey Terry, Happy new year! :-)

Autumn Storm said...

Have a great trip!!!!!! Miss you already, xo

Gareth said...

The first one for sure! Are you kidding me?! To get away from silly humans I'd do anything. Almost! :P

Autumn Storm said...
Look what I found for you. :-)

Miz BoheMia said...

Happy New Year Terry!

I have been catching up and WOW on the pics! Beautiful! Very serene indeed! I am glad to hear a good time was had! May 2007 hold many such moments in store for you my friend!

And is that you in the pic? Oooh! Pretty lady FO SHO!!!

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Terry, happy Monday, hope you had a fantastic weekend and welcome home. :-)

Seriously bummed today, spoke to Baby Bear last night about lunch and the only day she could make it was today, which I just couldn't. :-( So, we are set to compare schedules for next week, before it gets to the stage of rediculous. Other than that, spent time with M over the weekend, always a good thing. :-) Talk to you soon, love and hugs, xo

Jeanne said...

It worked!
Anywhere wild and surging for me.

~~~Mo'a~~~ said...

I am with the 50% at home for me...Happy New Year.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Love the photo in the post are a beauty....Bear looks like he can give some serious hugs :)

tsduff said...

Lisa - I think we all checked that one... :-)

Lisa - yep - we did it again. And it was good. YEAH~!

Hi Laura - Happy new year to you and your funny toothless/black eyed crew :-) And hugs to your Ma.

Autumn - we're back. It was awesome :-)

Autumn - LOL~ thanks for the guilty pleasures!~

Miz B - so worried about you! You hang in there, you hear? I know I'm going to hear fabulous news for you in 2007. :-D

Autunm = not to worry, you will both find the time to touch base. No hurry - just kick back and the time will come. Just take care at work... man alive, did you say 10 days on? That is horrible, if I do say so myself. I think you should just say no. (yeah right - I know, they don't buy that at my work either... LOL)

Jeanne - Yay! I took the flicker pictures off my blog - maybe that was what was happening. And, actually, I'm with you: I'm off to the wild and raging waters :-)

Ah dear Mo'a.. you pegged the Bear. He gives the most premium Bear Hugs there ever could be. :-D We had a wonderful (albeit short) weekend. Somehow they are ALL too short. But my motto is: "Some is better than none." :-)

tsduff said...

I'm pretty surprised to see how many stay-at-homes and turn off the phone folks there were! Me? The sea is for me :-)