Monday, February 19, 2007


Rays of golden burst
Myriad star shaped center
Smiles in the making


Autumn Storm said...

Love that picture!!!

bjarni said...

am going to flood the garden with them this year--birds love them as do the squirrels

Bjarni said...

hear that there is a rumor of an autumn the blend of autumn and fall&spring--hope it makes for a great summer--AUTUMN----Peace Always

Autumn Storm said...


Thank you for the card etc, again for I know Terry would have passed it on.

Did baby bear tell you the story of when she had the flu yet? Told her too, that it would make up for the story of the brawl. :-) Such a lovely daughter you have, beautiful inside and out, so very sweet, fun, witty - we had a really lovely time. Hopefully, we'll synchronize schedule-wise soon again.

bjarni said...

Yeah,the brawl was """so english""" very polite --yet stitches its all an education :-)

Tai said...


weatherchazer said...

I had a garden of those a couple of years ago, then they mysteriously started to get sick and die. Figured out why a little later...daddy went around them with Round-Up. (sigh) Just can't win.

Jodes said...

that is incredible, wow!!!!!! that is so pretty. Spring is coming I can feel it. this rain is the 1st sign.

Anonymous said...

If you promise Terry, then I'll beleive you! Spring is around the corner....I am holding that to you my dear :)

Hope things are well by you,
Hugs ~ Meg

Hi Autumn! Miss you.

jillie said...

What an invigorating picture! I love spring when the colors just seem to explode and life is everywhere!

Now I have to go and read about these buzzing undies...hmmm....

Keshi said...

Luv the sun flower and luv that pic!

Beautiful post too Terry.

btw this is for Autumn:

why cant I see ur blog for weeks now? :*(


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Yay for spring! I am really looking forward to it. :)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Oh and I love the sunflower! How did you know that was my favorite wild flower???? :D

Jim said...

long time no see
reveal more

tsduff said...

Autumn - I wish I had a bunch of sunflowers to look at every day!

BTW - did I say Happy Birthday yet? ;-)

Bjarni - WE love them too. We shall have many.

Autumn - did indeed here the story of the sick wee bear, and how her roomies took good care of her. You are the best to make the time to visit her :-D

Hi Tai! Is it warming up your way yet? Loved your doggy story - too funny! Just like a dog though, LOL.

Weatherchazer - HA HA - funny story but sad. My husband did that to my yard too: he was from NY and thought that was how you gardened.

Jodes - I'm forcing the spring issue - it just HAS to come. There are already daffodils in my garden blooming - what is up with that? Still frosty this morning... brrrr.

Meg - I know Spring will come sooner for me than you... but I'll send some warm winds your way to speed things up :-) Happy Fat Tuesday to you.

LOL Jillie - that story was so not-like me to post... but it was truly funny so THERE. Smiles to you from my sunflower to yours.

Keshi - your flower always looks like spring - or summer :-) SO pretty!Loved your post today - so many fun things to read all about you. hugs.

Hey Julie - we outdoorsy girls just LOVE when spring is in the air... and who could help loving this sunshiney yellow prettiness all the time!?

Why Jim, I'm sorry but have we met? Nice cryptic comment... are you Saby? :-)

~Mo'a~ said...

Hello, I am still on the Buzzing Undies LOL
Are you feeling better? I sure hope you are :)
*whisper* is the the Jimmy D?..... looks like him ;)

Keshi said...

Terry ty!

btw check my latest post n let me know if u can view it :) tnxx!

Autumn u too. I finally did that slide-show. btw I still cant see ur blog :(