Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another day passing
Light marking the hours
With waves crashing on
Sun piercing the clouds
Horizon in full
More minutes
Without many cares

Just listen instead
To gulls' piercing cries
Inhale the life-giving scents
Of oceanic salt
And seaweed's green limbs
Away we go
On a bent

Yes, it IS a dear Friday.
I adore this Friday
In more than one way
Just because...
Because of the
Guaranteed anticipation
It IS soon a "WAS"

It's better than most
Because as a post
It's all about
The best day

I leave you with love
A post from my heart
Best wishes to all
Each and every
I love that you come
To comment and slum
Here's hoping a repeat
All heavies ;-D
(and skinnies)


Keshi said...

Luv u too babez!


javajazz said...

holy cow!
where do you get these photos??
i have to get me a digital camera!
tho i've never been attracted
to them....
but man!
woo hoo!
thats so beautiful
as are your gorgeous words.
thank you!!

and thank you for the funniest card ever that i got in the mail today! you are officially a wild and crazy gal! but you knew that! and thanks to the Bear (ya ya i know, Bjarni) for picking out the card! you guys blow my mind! you're the best mailer of cards too!
i loved it, sausages and all!!
xoxo lisa

Icarus said...

Terry, thisd is has to be the greatest hommage in words and image to Fridays that I've ever come across. I hope your weekend lives right up to it! And fab photo!!

jillie said...

You know I think I'll just plop myself down here on the shore with my blanket and never leave.

Lovely photo...from a lovely lady

javajazz said...

Terry and Bear-y
all the best on your little
journey today! i hope things
went smoothly, hope the weather
was good for driving too...
and hopefully you're almost home
now....wait, its only 6pm your time...

Brian's in Nawlins! my sister got to talk to him, i of course, did not!
but he had his first bowl of Jambalaya and said it was the best he'd ever tasted! apparently he just loves the city...i talked to him for a minute on the phone just as the woman at the front desk of his hotel was offering him a cookie, IF he could pat his head with one hand and rub his tummy with the other...! then he had to go cuz all the auditionees were convening in a room there...
Auditions are tomorrow...i'm SO nervous for him! but excited too. he says he's prepared, and now that he's there, he's pumped! this one is big stuff though...i'm praying!

hope you kids got all your stuff back okay....kind of exciting huh?

tsduff said...

Hi Keshi *waves*... nice to see you too!

JJ - this seems to be yet another night of computer bloopers... lost my entire list of replies as I was typing.. must have hit a weird key inadvertantly, which highlighted and then deleted my comments as I was typing! Happened in the blink of an eye - grrrrrr!

Anyway, I was saying, you would do well with a digital camera - the pics that you posted here are a shinning example of the pictures that everyone can't get enough of!

So glad you liked the card - the Bear just busted out laughing when we saw it in the store and there you go.

Icarus - (S) your particular words warm my heart. I looked at my post the next day after I wrote it... and almost deleted it! I felt it was a completely idiodic poem - that nobody would be able to make much sense of it... what on earth was I thinking anyway!? Thank you for your reassurance in my choice of expression - and restoring a shred of my self confidence.

Jillie - :-D
You might want to rethink the blanket - you might even decide to stump along the shore and enjoy the entire experience - toes in the sand, wind up the nose, hair in a tangle, gulls wheeling and crying above, waves crashing on the rocks... glass of wine splashed gently on your face... ha ha - lets go!

tsduff said...

Lisa - thanks hon! Can't believe we made it back all in one day... boo hoo we had to miss the Jazz Festival in Eureka in order to get my brother back in time! :-(
Got up at about 5:15am, dragged ourselves to the car, drove for 6 hours to Eureka, rented the uhaul in the spitting mist, loaded up the stuff, had a wonderful lunch *note best part of the day - went to a friend's home to use their loo but he wasn't home :-( and then off to home again. Many hours later, here we are arrived. TIRED is the word of the hour. Bear is fine - we shall unload the truck manana - hopefully we will have an iota more energy then.

Auditions tomorrow? Am keeping all fingers crossed - as well as toes... (hurry hurry, this hurts!) wishing and hoping every good wish and thought for Bryan as he jumps through the hoops! He'll give em hell - you just watch! It will be fabulous and he will just blow them all completely away!
Hugs - xo

javajazz said...

hey baby! (babies!)
wow, what a trip! sheesh!
i wonder where Eureka is?...jazz festival too?
wow...i'm definitely looking that
up, it sounds familiar...
what a journey for you guys,
plus kinda cool the symbolism
of what you did, moving all the
stuff and all! hope the rain
didnt spit too least you
had a nice lunch as the fun part of your adventure! and your sweet brother helped too? that kinda nice....thats what hippies do, yes? funny, i was just telling my daughter about the good old days (it totally fucks me up that i'm over 50 and can talk about the good old days....)and how we used to go to painting parties and hang out and listen to jazz and eat and drink and help our friends paint their houses or apartments...
that was before the designer days i reckon...however, i still havent entered the Designer Days meself!
anyway, hope you guys got a nice
rest...sounds like a lot of schlepping as my people say... (no, i didnt say schtupping, the secret word of the day!! clang clang ding ding sirens bells...!!)

i'm all nervous about Brian today. i'm really trying to think positive, i've even put on my tiny Monk pin this morning that i got in New York when i was 28, that i lost for a year and my friend Richard sent it back by mail in january and i've kept it in my little crystal altar thingie just kind of as an ongoing prayer, or mantra...the Monk pin is my little good luck symbol and i am wearing it over
my heart chakra today (i look silly!) just to help clear the pathways to a perfect audition...oh god, i hope he blows them away! its a LOT of good players, really top of the line...but its not so much kids, most of them are closer to 30, not 20, so hopefully his musical soul will touch something in Herbie and Wayne's, who both have such incredibly humane souls themselves and i'm just praying and praying, and all nervous like a good mom....
well to distract myself,
think i'll go out and buy a good canteloupe for my fruit salad contribution to our Passover dinner tomorrow night...i forgot to get one earlier to ripen properly! i gotta find me some killin' fruit today...nice colours nice flavours, maybe squeeze an orange and some pineapple juice in to make a nice bath for the fruit to sit in...

tsduff said...

Yeah, the good old days when friends helped other friends in barn raisings, and house paintings... in our generation that sort of thing still happens, but todays kids just have other agendas.

Happy Passover - I'm rather out of the loop. Went to a Seder a few years ago VERY COOL indeed! I love lamb (carnivore that I am) but this ceremony (at my presbyterian church) involved just a symbolic lamb bone. I do admire your historic heritage.

javajazz said...

ya, i dig all the symbolism and some of the cool stories and traditions and stuff, but thats about the extent of my involvement in my historic heritage...funny, brian went to a passover seder last year
in Walnut Creek, at his school friends grandma's house....and then he wrote the tune Walnut Creek....
the lamb bone would be one of the things on the seder plate, each symbol part of the story of Passover...

Anonymous said...