Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yes, going to Europe - hope I find as good a ride as this with my hippy love :-D


Bjarni said...

OHH,we are in bloom,italy bound,nice to be home :-)

SOe said...

You need a Landrover with a garden on the roof. ;)

javajazz said...

just keep that thing away
from the car wash, will ya?

Icarus said...

EUROPE????? It's a big place? Not heading south-west, by any chance? Hope so......
travel light & well! SXXXX

~Mo'a~ said...

When and where :) Have a wonderful trip...I was hoping to see you in Iceland in May.

jillie said...

You know, I really need to find a new place to park my car!

That is so cool....

I am sure you will have a BLAST with your hippy love


Miz BoheMia said...

Yes! When and where??? I just made it back and you are leaving? *sniff, sniff* indeed!


Thank you for your many pop ins during my days of hiding! I appreciated it beyond what words can convey sweet friend!

Hope all is well with you! Boho besos flying your way!

actonbell said...

Now, that's a green car! Kewl.

Have a great time, and DO tell us all about it when you get back. I love vacation pics and stories.

Jodes said...

woohoo you are going!!!! so happy for you.

tsduff said...

Bjarni - yes, we bloom together. I'm whole with you home.

Soe - What a quaint idea - t'would be so nice to have a garden (organic of course) to bring on the road!

Lisa - what a sad idea! Soap and living green things aren't a good mix :-O Did I ever tell you I'm afraid of carwashes? (I am)

Thanks Stew - yes - traveling extra light... a backpack with only 2 changes of clothes - I hate luggage!! Don't think I'll make it down your way this particular trip - too much trouble with our flights etc. Maybe next trip :-D

Mo'a - Boo hoo - due to Icelandair's extreme gyrations with our tickets, we are only flying through Iceland with a few hours layover :-( - not even time for a soak in the blue lagoon! We will wave at you on the way to Milan - and homeward bound via Amsterdam - wishing you also a great trip! I am sad to be so close to the magic land with no opportunity to come out and visit.

Jillie - you have a car like that? COOL! PARTY ON! Nice new avatar - love it, but honestly, I do like the bike better. Chick bikers are the best (from one to another :-D)

Miz Bohemia - CHICA! So nice to see you again!!! Watched your video - you are quite fun and the enthusiasm is catching. Lovely children - liquid dark eyes, like yours and Loverboy's... very upset to hear your house deal fell through. Hope the next offer is the one you've been waiting for! Hugs xo

Actonbell - really? You like home movies? (Not really, 'cause I only know how to do photos) Oh yeah, I remember the groundhog days pics you had - they were great! I'm sure I'll have few pics from the Pisa - always wanted to see that work of art :-D

Jodes - and Wooo Hoooo! You're going to Atlanta!! (Tomorrow is Monday, and not my best day. Hence a muted comment for me today)

javajazz said...

no, you never listed that in your 6 weird things about Terry!!
so i'm guessing you wouldnt be one of those people who sat inside their cars as it went thru the carwash?
if you look on a list of phobias, i'm sure carwash-aphobia is one of the top is fear of clowns...there are so many odd phobias, but they're usually connected to an event that terrified you as a kid, methinks...the carwash thing is probably a claustrophobia issue,
possibly something to do with the water too, plus that big noise doesnt help...! poor Terry!!
so maybe you should get one of those sprouting Volkswagens then!
i have so many fears, no one else's ever really shock me!

Tom & Icy said...

That will be a nice car for taking short cuts across fields without getting caught

jillie said...

Well when I was a wee little one, we use to have an olive green bug. How I loved that car!

Not to worry on the avatar...I'm just mixing it up for a bit. But...I do have another biker one I will put up soon.