Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I saw the swifts the other day
As they swooped and dipped in play
Chitter chatter swiftly flying
Gravity and death defying

Sticking on the ledge so high
With their young ones safe inside
In the air they scorn the earth
Only perching to give birth

When each Spring does roll around
Swifts appear with joyous sound
Pausing in my day to see
I am filled with smiling glee


jillie said...

What a pretty poem and picture. Ahhh the joys of spring where everything is reborn again. I love it.

Autumn Storm said...

Lovely post, Terry. And I'm all for anything that has you smiling with glee. :-)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY WEDNESDAY--TODAY IS THE DAY TO EAT WORMS__yes the early birds get them

Jodes said...

lovely little poem. makes me smile.

weatherchazer said...

Love the poem, and finally Spring is HERE! It's supposed to be sunny and in the 70's here tomorrow- time to break out the t-shirts! Woo-Hoo!

~Mo'a~ said...

Love your poem...it is sunny here now. We had 75 degree weather one day and the next a snow storm.
But all is well.....Ken saw a Blue Bird at the new feader :) :)

G said...

Terry, what a wonderful poem and it's even more beautiful with the accompanying picture. Very nice.

Jeanne said...

Terry, be swift, fly, fly and read the elucidating comment I just left on the previous post.

Jeanne said...

What happened to the rest of Wednesday? Not only did you not come back, no one else did either. Is there something I don't KNOW?

Anonymous said...

did you write this Terry? it's awesome, I love it.:)

tsduff said...

Thanks Jillie - the picture almost reminds me even of summer, but the swifts are so cool... harbingers of spring.

Autumn - yes, those simple birds with their zinging about do just that. I had to pull over when I saw and heard them through my open sunroof just to watch for a few minutes. Simple pleasures mine for the taking.

Thanks Jodes - nice smile :-D

Weatherchazer - you mean you actually get spring out there too? No more tornados for a while! Cool avatar btw.

Mo'a - I'm so envious of your bluebird, as you know :-D Would love a picture although the worms I could skip LOL!

Thanks G - Your avatar always makes me smile, although I can't make it wiggle like Icy did.

JEANNE!!! I did be swift - (wow, she is waxing poetic) and read your explanation... WHOA, I'm certainly not so swift to have missed that inference to flying kilts - HA HA well done!

As for nobody coming back... guess they've all gone outside to enjoy the sunny weather, the sights of the flapping tartans, and the birds :-D Actually, since I can no longer approach my blog whilst at work, you can see that my commentary suffers greatly. I am suffering greatly along with it. I miss everyone.

TC - MEOW! Purr - not often I receive notice from a well-mannered feline who keeps his claws properly tucked in.

javajazz said...

and we miss you too, Ms Duff!!
we really do...!
no doubt this has greatly enhanced
your work performance in the office - NOT!!!!
i shant rave on about small minds, control freaks etc etc...no, i shant.

Anonymous said...