Thursday, March 08, 2007

Planning a trip.


weatherchazer said...

Oh man do I ever need to do that! Shove me in your suitcase and take me with you...I'll disappear upon landing and you'll never see me again! I swear!

Bjarni said...

will pack for an one way trip-will bring job search clothes with me and of coarse Play clothes-Hear that it is easy to get a pub job in London-would be a base to explore Europe :-) xoxo gb

Anonymous said...

Thats it???? Geez, Spill!!!!

I sure hope its a fun trip (not work related....)

I'm on vacation, if I don't get another chance ~ have a super great weekend Terry.

Take care,
Hugs, Meg

jillie said...

Lemme guess....Iceland?

I guess when you need to get away, it doesn't matter where you go as long as it's somewhere else than where you're at now!

Have fun planning and can't wait to find out where you're going...

Hang in there xo

Autumn Storm said...

If you give me some notice and it appeals, I could take you out for dinner in Florence. Let me know. :-)

javajazz said...

you always have so much fun
planning your trips!
i remember the countdown
thingy last year!
but hoot man,
this is Italy!
even I love Italy
and i'm a travel-phobe...
you lucky duckies!

hey Bjarni!
you gonna work in a nice cafe
in London now?
i could probably see you more
in some funky cool store

have fun planning, kids!

javajazz said...

hold on hold on a sec...
now, if autumns's going to italy
and you guys are going to italy...
i'll get me some ativan and hop
a darn plane and meet you all there!

jillie said...

Are you really going to Italy? Oh I am so jealous but so very happy that you ARE getting away!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

OOOOOOO...where to??? I can't wait to hear about this! :)

tsduff said...

Weatherchazer - you are one very brave being...because we never know WHERE we will end up...sure, I'll stuff you right into my already overstuffed backpack... Hope you like Chianti... :-D

Bjarni - that's all I'm bringing is playclothes...but I'm not so sure about working in a pub. What were you saying about a pigfarm in Iceland?

Meg - HA HA HA HA! ANYTHING related to work is not FUN.. so no, nothing to do with work thank goodness! What are you doing for your vacation? Going somewhere exotic? Hanging out in the back yard? Swinging by your knees on the monkey bars? Whatever you do, vacation means fun. So yippee - hope the time goes by reeeeal slow for you :-D

Well Jillie - Iceland will be a stop over for sure... can't fly anywhere close and NOT stop at that gorgeous hunk of rock. Yes, gotta get away :-D

Autumn - Florence... ah, sounds lovely. But wait a minute - wouldn't Venice be closer? Or Pisa? Or...hmmm, I could get carried away. Do you know a place in Florence? :-D I'll call you.

JJ - He was thinking more like a pub. Like the baby bear. I tried already to find another countdown thingy, but nothing doin. I guess they are old blog news. sigh. It would have been fun.

Ativan? I told you I'd send you some valium special delivery... LOL. Ah, I can just imagine it now, dinner in Florence... little accordian grinding away as we sit eating our gelatto...

Jillie - it remains to be seen if we shall make it out of the country or not... having a little turbulence with our tickets at the moment. A real cliff hanger.

Julie - The trip has already morphed a hundred times since the beginning discussion... we may be visiting places we never intended or imagined when we first started LOL Where we'll stop - nobody knows :-D

Autumn Storm said...

My niece and sister-in-law live in Florence - I could combine it with a visit to them, and I do recall - or at least think I do - you mentioning Florence.

Jodes said...

wow, cool, good luck.

tsduff said...

Autumn - you know we would adore sitting down to dinner in Florence, dining in yet another different country... yowsa - can't even wait if it might be so.

Still having a bit of sticking with our travel arrangements - thus no dates of travel quite yet. We are hoping for June - but alas it is still up in the air with the ticket agency (Icelandair is not cooperating :-( ) Will keep you in the loop - wouldn't it be grand!!!!!

Jodes - don't you travel? It is awesome. Oh, what do you mean you have little ones who need to be around you... What? Your hubby can't get away? WHAT? You have the most fabulous beach outside your door? Well, maybe next year ;-D

Anonymous said...