Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring is almost here.
Breathe again


jillie said...

I love the smell of freesia!! I have some magenta colored ones in the garden now. Last year by accident I pulled a bunch out (bulb and all) and realized it afterwards...duh!

I think I will put some yellow, white and orange ones in for next spring.

Wooooohoooo for spring!

The Old Mule said...

Spring is a good time for a clean slate. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful and symbolic picture.
I love the text as well.:)

Mo'a said...

It is 75 degrees here today...who knows what we will get tomorrow...that is what March is all about...promises of things to come.

tsduff said...

Jillie - I think freesias say and smell like spring to me more than any other flower. I love them - and it is the white ones that smell the sweetest. They are all so pretty. I have some, but it is too early for their flower yet up here. LOL I've pulled them out before too! They look like grass.

Old Mule - nice of you to mosey by - but you didn't leave a poem. Any day at all is good for a clean slate - why wait? You can start right now :-D

Hey TC - thanks for coming over. I think spring colors were needed today... this getting up an hour earlier is becoming old already. And breathing is something I need to remember to do more often... :-D

Mo'a - promises of things to come... I like that! It is filled with hope. Wow, are you having some kind of heat wave? Bet the snow is gone now :-D

Steven Novak said...

I farted earlier...

Damn you for making mme breathe. ;)


G-Man said...

Hi Terry..

I can't smell a thing!

But what a great Pic as always.....G

Bjarni said...

In the SPRING of OUR LIVES...Am sure the Bloom will be AWESOME :-))

tsduff said...

Steve, you are supposed to do that BEFORE you come over here...close the door, will ya?

Galen - only flowers and beautiful scents around here :-)

Beloved - we are in the second Spring of our lives... the first was when we were 15 together. This one is glorious too. Love you xoxo