Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sand Castle anyone?
Meet me at the beach!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there.:)

G-Man said...

Some people are so talented and artsy that it makes me sick.....
Great Pic as usual Terry!

Doug said...

Wow. You and Mo'a should have a contest.

Tom & Icy said...

That looks like fun! And a great place to be. But I think of Christmas because I would have sandy paws.

Toby said...

I'm in.

javajazz said...

thats just plain gorgeous.

Gareth said...

Whooweeeeee that's pretty!

Oliviah said...

That is so beautiful! I've been to a lot of sand art contests and seen some really amazing things. Just astounding. But I never saw one lit up. Neat!

mist1 said...

Suddenly, all the sandcastles I've every built look like crap.

G said...

I'm there - with my shovels.

Keshi said...

OMG I wanna go live in it!


javajazz said...

i just made this my latest
desktop photo, thank you!
(it replaced the cute little
sandpiper photo that i also
stole from you!)
hope you kiddies
had a nice weekend!

tsduff said...

tc; me too :-D

Galen - you crack me up... and thrill me at the same time. Never have I been called artsy and/or talented in the same breath - or even at all. Thank you :-)

Doug - Okay, I admit - all I am good at is your plain old dribble sand castles... I confess. Mo'a would scrap me in a moment! But it is rare idea ;-D

Tom and Icy - LMAO! Okay Ms. Sandy Paws... don't forget to come down my chimney... !

Toby - Lucky us :-D

Hey Ms. Lisa - hope you are having a weekend to be remembered. We got home - long drive, one huge highway accident in Santa Rosa - already the traffic capital of the universe for trips on 101... but we made it home in 6 hours. sheesh. Is there any weekend left? Nope. None.

Gareth - little green friend of mine - thanks :-D I know there are sand dunes on the beach at Port Marnock (the only beach I really walked on in Ireland) where you could build such a thing :-D

Hi Oliviah - Hugs! I'm no artist - (only in my head) but I know and enjoy a good work when I see one :-D

Mist1 - I'm so honored. The comdienne has graced me with her visit. Thanks - very much appreciated :-) I'd like to see your sandcastles - I'm also quite sure they look better and funnier than mine.

G - :-D Hope you bring some pails too... I'm fresh out as mine are all full of horsehair worms....

Keshi - think it might be a bit cramped, but pretty just the same.

Lisa - Thanks hon. Since I stole it to begin with, don't feel bad. I figure, lots of my own photos are out there (from Iceland, here, all over) on Webshots, which they totally USE for free and actually make me PAY FOR if I want to duplicate my own photos!!!!!! I try to give credit when it is known on pics I copy from the internet, but when the source isn't available, I think it is okay.

Autumn Storm said...

Beautiful picture!
Don't have much time this morning, so will read the above post a little later. :-)
Happy day ahead!

The Old Mule said...

That really is amazing. Did you take that? Wow.

jillie said...

I just love sand castles. That one looks so inviting...come on in and I'll shelter you from the weather ;o)