Monday, May 21, 2007

Are you ready to embark? A journey, anticipation, preparations underway... mystery and wonder enhanced by the moon... we shall leave under the light of such a moon on the eve of only the third night from now... only we shall be boarding a plane, rather than a galleon (good thing, because I get seasick like a MOTHER).... There is a knot in my stomach!


actonbell said...

Ooh, how exciting! And a little yogurt might soothe your tummy?

Your pictures are always the best, and this one is just dreamy.

Anonymous said...

The picture is cool and I'm excited for you.
May your journey be safe and lots of fun.

javajazz said...

i think a couple of handsome elderly graying Italian males might ease that knot in your stomach...

javajazz said...

come to think of it,
my tummy's feeling
a tad tight, too!

Doug said...

I want that on my wall. Actually, I want to be there.

Have a great trip!

neva said...

LOVELOVELOVE this picture. tho', for half-a-second i thought you were referring to the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film, which also starts on Thursday!

have a fantastic journey! : ) xox

neva said...

oh, and i'm sorry, because this will be completely inappropriate, but i LOVELOVELOVE that quote in your "about you" section. i used that quote once, but it wasn't nearly as perfect when presented alongside my pup as it is next to your wonderful avatar!!

what were you saying earlier about "short attention spans? sigh. me too. caw caw! hahaha!! ; ) xox


tsduff said...

Actonbell - actually, yogurt sounds nice. You think I should leave the hot sauce off though? (I'm a spicy hot fan) Thanks hon :-)

TC - that picture makes me think of long ago and far away... as Actonbell said, "dreamy". Somehow though, I don't think this trip will be exactly dreamy.

JJ - HA HA! I was trying to find a picture for you of a handsome graying Italian man... sheesh! What a wild goose chase. I did find one for you :-D

Doug - it seems to me that to be there, within that scene, would be magnificent. Who knows though - as it is so far from any reality I've ever been in that who knows - I might not like it like I think. It IS beautiful.

Neva, you crack me up. I did enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so far, although they have morphed into a far cry from the Disneyland scenario.

I've had to plagerize your well-known phrase on more than one occasion, when I lovelovelove something too much for simply one "love". Jack Handy's phrase was a perfect fit *preens with a satisfied nod of her head*

Tom & Icy said...

Wow. That pic is like Treasure Island.

tsduff said...

Tom and Icy - don't you ever sleep? Sounds like my hours... I wake up every night like clockwork at 3am (sometimes even earlier at 1:30ish... I agree - Treasure Island is a probability! Dreamy, and very surreal!!!!

javajazz said...

ha! (of course i said out loud to myself, "he's not italian..) but then, he was...its that actor guy, oh, i cant remember his name...argh!)
i kind of have a thing for salt and pepper, graying temples especially seem to do it for me, also i'll take a bit of facial hair with that, goatee, or beard preferably graying...(is that sick or anything? i hope so.)
what did carlo ponti look like?
(did i get his name right?)

i kind of seem to enjoy the more authentic european non hollywood looking Italian greying maybe when you're actually there, and you see "a good one", you can snap one up with your handy dandy digital camera...(i dont have a digital camera yet...i should get one...)

hey, how did you make the blue "HERE" letters go to the picture of mr hollywood whose name i cant remember...wait,, that was bugging me...i was like, piccone, nick, stallone...there, i feel better now...i remembered something.
ya, how did you make the blue letters go to al's photo...
and is that what you explained to me in the email? i'll just never get this stuff...

tsduff said...

Lisa - did you understand the email I sent? I hope it helps with the link thing. I think Al Pacino is good looking... don't know about hollywood-type... but I'll look for a "real" I-talian type guy with graying temples and snap a picture just for you. (I was warned to bring a metal butt-shield to ward off the pincher Italian men.) Oh no, it is just about here. I'm still not packed.