Sunday, May 06, 2007

Perhaps you may remember a recent post I did about a mockingbird .

One thing I wrote about was that a certain poor bachelor bird in our neighborhood was serenading us all night long with his lonely songs. I noticed that he stopped singing. "Must have gotten lucky" we ribbed each other knowingly... winking in jest, but missing the midnight songster just the same. I wondered about never seeing two of them though... only one it seemed. He doesn't get along with the hoard of scrub jays, stellar jays, and yes, even squirrels that call my acreage home, and he dive-bombs them all in aeriel attacks, growling and chirping angrily all the while.

Then, on my very own front porch, hidden in the honeysuckle vine crawling up the trellis we discovered the reason for the fulfilled silence at night.


Tom & Icy said...

Soon you will have a night choir!

Lindsey said...

ok so even a mockingbird is getting more play that me. LOL

javajazz said...

awwww! thats so sweet!
what beautiful coloured eggs!

Oliviah said...

What a wonderful story! :)

MONA said...

what a lovely picture!! Those eggs are awesome!

G-Man said...

Terry, he's probably still there, he's just imitating a Robin!!
Great pics as usual!
Galen xo

magdalene-sophie said...

i have been wanting to post a comment for the past two posts.. but somehow Blogger has never let me, due to connection failures. i hope this one can get through..*prays a quick prayer, silently* :)

this is a lovely post, i like the words you chose.. your dog is an old one. and the black sand.. ahh i want to bury my feet in them..feel them slush and sashay under my soles... :)

Italy? wish i could trudge along. Lol~

Brooklyn Frank said...

coolness. nature abides, man, nature abides.

Autumn Storm said...

:-) Very nice post, Terry. Maybe you'll be able to capture the littl'uns for us too.
Happy week ahead.

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful.
Terry's going to be a grandma.:)

jillie said...

Oh how cool is THAT!!!!!

Our trips are getting closer much to do yet...ahhh!!!


javajazz said...

Grandma Terry!

TS Bubby!


tsduff said...

Tom and Icy - you are sweet but those little'uns take a while to make it to maturity... we might see'um next spring :-D

Well, Lindsey - thank God you are not counted in Bird Love Nuts...LOL!!~

JJ - those eggs are every bit as beautiful as Robin's eggs - or crow's eggs ;-D

Oliviah - can I just give you a hug? XOXOXO

Mona - you are so kind to drop by. Love your comment - thanks!

Galen - um... he hasn't gone anywhere - he just sits on the fence any more, grumpy as hell, because he doesn't get any Mockingbird LOVE any more... mama just sits on those eggs 24-7...

Magdalene-Sophie said... Ha ha - the black sand just awaits your luscious toes... it is the most decandent black sand on our earth! I'm afraid it isn't too smooth... rather coarse in fact, but AWESOME just the same. And, you can not Fault it's source.

tsduff said...

Brooklyn Frank: I love NY - only been there twice but it was quite traumatic both times. Thank you for your visit: and your comment. Very cool, and much appreciated.

tsduff said...

Autumn - don't know about the babies... we shall be gone I think when they fledge. Bummer, because I would love to finish the story. I'm tickled to entire pieces because they are on my very own front porch.

Happy week to you too dear - hope you are looking forward to Jillies visit. I know she will have a blast - you are one fabulous (did I say FABULOUS) hostess?????? I'm jealous - we truly had the best time of our lives with you at the helm. Thank you ;-D

TC: shhhhhhH! (beams proudly...) :-D

Jillie - yes, both of our trips are almost here. All I can say is, HELP! I need to slow the clock down please... :-D

JJ - awe - you are the best. Does Bubby mean grandma? G calls his baby daughter Bub. Not quite the same, eh?

Autumn Storm said...

Those were some very, very special days, times that I will forever cherish. Made my summer! Well, your visit and James Blunt made my year. :-)

weatherchazer said...

You also discovered the reason for the dive bombing...those things hurt (from personal experience last summer).

Toby said...

Wonderful post with a good happy ending and a new beginning. It reminds me of a bird I watched for about five years.

tsduff said...

Toby - I learned a few new things about Cardinals when I went here Thanks for sharing your cardinal story. Looks like they do mate for life - albeit shorter than I thought. Working in a forest... wow. Lucky you! I don't have any Cardinals around here... have only seen them twice before - once in Arkansas and once in Florida. Gorgeous birds they are - at least the boys :-D

tsduff said...

Autumn - tee hee - I remember the James Blunt obsession. Ciao.

Weatherchazer - Oh, did you get taught a lesson by some bird? :-) Not fun to be on the receiving end I know. But birds are people too.

javajazz said...

Terry Berry!
come out, come out
wherever you are!!
canada loves you!

tsduff said...

Word of the Day for Saturday, May 5, 2007
moil-MOYL-, intransitive verb:

1. To work with painful effort; to labor; to toil; to drudge.
2. To churn or swirl about continuously.
3. Toil; hard work; drudgery.
4. Confusion; turmoil.

Moil comes from Middle English moillen, "to soak, to wet," hence "to soil, to soil one's hands, to work very hard," from Old French moillier, "to soften, especially by making wet," ultimately from Latin mollis, "soft"

Okay, that is where I am. Moiling about... sounds like a Jewish word, yes? It all applies to me today. I love Canada too - but say, I've never been there. One day. Okay, back to the salt mines, the daily grind, the rock pile, the sweat factory... yaddah yaddah yaddah. Tomorrow we go to the island of Alameda with our good friends to stuff ourselves with sushi. Yum... been dreaming about it all week.

Toby said...

Thanks for the link. :-D

javajazz said...

sushi!! yay!

and yes, moyl does sound
like a jewish word,
because it is...
amongst the jewish people,
a moyl is the man
who performs the
ritual circumcision
about a week after
the baby's birth.
(but i hear he's
only in it
for the tips.)
timing is everything
in good joke delivery...
in fact, thats right down there
with my other favourite:
means never having to say
you're sorry.
oh golly, now i'm using old lines

tsduff said...

ha ha ha ha
Lisa - you crack me up! Right on just like always :-D

moil... strange word. I sorta never imagined it was the guy who ah.. well, has such a specialized business... ouch! Funny joke. "both of them :-D"

Hope you are having a great evening... are you a sushi fan? You know I can't remember... I always get you mixed up with healthy stuff... maybe vegan stuff. I know fish are living meat... and I have NO SHAME in eating their goodness in many ways. I love kippered snacks, sardines, oysters (whoa, slow down mama) tuna, hamachi (yellow tail) unagi (bbq fresh water eel), ikura (yum) and many others... won't eat octopus, squid, sushi clam or uni (sea anemone)... but I'm pretty game with trying new stuff. Tomorrow I shall try new stuff I haven't sampled yet... actually been eating the same kind of sushi for years. Time to explore I think :-D

Keshi said...

wow AMAZING pic! Love it.


G said...

Wow right out your door - beautiful.