Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things are mixed up...
Just want to relax
Without the whole world
Running on tracks

A time of no burdens
Or places to be
Where nothing's important
To me, he or thee

So float by the wayside
Each hour on its own
A crow flies whereever
With n'er a moan



Autumn Storm said...

7 days left, will you be visiting you sister?

Happy Friday and weekend! :-)

tsduff said...

Hey Autumn - It looks doubtful that we will be able to fit in a trip over to Albania this time, much to my great disappointment. Schedules are making me crazy. In fact, I've given up. Is it the weekend already? Give Jillie a hi- hi for me.

Autumn Storm said...

Will do. And all this planning is so that you can relax and go with the flow once you get there.

javajazz said...

aw sweetie,
you need to just rest.
go for a walk in nature,
have a luxurious bubble bath,
a nice cup of tea
and just devote your time
to yourself right now.
you are most important!
sending love,

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very nice both visually and lyrically.

Doug said...

Wow. *clap, clap*

MONA said...

That is just beautiful,

A time of no burdens
Or places to be
where nothing is important
To me, he or thee

O for such feeling of carefree abandon...

Terry, I love your pictures & the blog on the whole.
It is just Awesome!!

neva said...


*claps and claps and claps*

: ) really, Terry, that was fantastic! xox

Toby said...

Thanks to neva I almost forget how to spell Beautiful. For me there were turns at every stop.

Very nice. For one reason or another I'm reminded of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

tsduff said...

Ah A - you make it sound so incredibly simple. Thanks. I want to believe that.

JJ - everyone needs a friend like you. Thanks sweetie - you really know what you are saying. xoxoxoxoxo

Lone Gray Squirrel: Love it when my furry friends stop by. I feel like I know you... (was that you on the lawn, stealing my peanuts??)

Beagle applause is the highest form of accolade - I stand with my head bowed. (Thanks D)

Mona, it is an honor to have a Sari-clad friend stop by. Love your comments - and welcome.

Neva - I was trying to take your advice, but it didn't work. Bee You... was okay, but the Tee Full part was a little difficult to get. Sorry, crows have a short attention span :-D I LOVELOVELOVE your visit.

How on earth you got such genius as Stevie Ray out of this humble blog confounds me, but bravo Toby... the world lost a legend with his passing. The sky is indeed crying.

Toby said...

the world is always changing. I saw Stevie when he was back up for the Fabulous Thunder Birds at Summrefest. 1985

Toby said...

It sucked big time the day he died

tsduff said...

I never saw him live - but loved him over the airwaves. I was stunned and grieved when he left us. Just imagine what we could be listening to now... if he was still here.

Anonymous said...

Every night as I stood looking at the bay there would be crows circling around me and all I could do was think of you.:)

G said...

That was amazing Terry. We all need time to just pull back. Nicely done.

tsduff said...

TC - Crows bless us with their presence in many places. We're EVERYWHERE - heh heh heh......

Thanks G :-) Sometimes life MAKES me take a break. (kind of takes my arm and bends it backward until I cry "uncle"...)

Michelle said...

That's very nice. :-)

I forgot to leave you my crow links, they're not as interesting as yours, but you might enjoy them nevertheless.