Thursday, May 03, 2007

This is our pup Tobin. One blue eye, one brown eye. Seems like everyone is doing pet shots these days... Tobin is pushing16 years old, and although at times he gets up and barks like hell at a passing dog, person, or the wind :-), he is quite creaky, stiff and sore. He loves treats - mints especially, and I don't dare come out of the house without several in my hand. 1/2 St. Bernard, and 1/2 Australian Shepherd, he is just a big, goofy love. His pumpkin colored hair is coming out in huge tufts as the warmer weather approaches... if we have another summer like last year, he won't survive. He is the ultimate moth killer, and lives for the night, under the porch light where they sometimes flutter down close enough for him to fiercely catch and eat. I'm very worried about when we leave on vacation for two weeks... my daughter is here to take care of him but I think he may get upset that we are gone.


javajazz said...

ha! hes so serious
and laid back!
what a sweetie.
love the two different
coloured eyes...!

Autumn Storm said...

He's adorable!

jillie said...

OMG....he is soooo cute. What a combination and he's 16 years old? WOW...he is old. I hope he fares well when you leave on your trip. I know I worry about my pooches and kitty (the GOOD kitty ;o)) so much. Luckily our friend Ray is staying at the house. Poor Emmett...he'll die without his mommy! I've only been away from him for an extended time once and he freaked out when I got home. I think as long as they are in their own home,familiar surroundings and with people they know...he should do just fine.


whyioughtta said...

He's so regal looking! Like his name should be King Tobin III or something (and yet there's something so puppyish when they sit with their paws all criss-crossed like that...)

I am the same way when I leave my dog Chico for a few days/weeks...I think they get thrown a bit whenever the "schedule" is disrupted in any way, but they adapt very quickly. The upside is he'll be there with a big smile and wag for you when you get back.

sister celtic said...


Oliviah said...

What a sweetheart of a pup-dog! He will probably miss you and wonder when the heck you are getting back home but I bet that having your daughter take care of him will make it all much easier for him to deal with it. He really is such a fine looking dog. :)

Top cat said...

aw, he's wonderful!
man I wish they would live forever.
I just absorb every minute I have with Frodo now.

Top cat said...

I just had an idea, maybe you could make some recordings of talking to him and play them to him before you leave and then while you're away she could play them back for him..just an idea tho.:)

javajazz said...

he's so cute....
(yes, i'm talking about the dog!)
he really is regal looking.

interesting idea, TC!
at least he'll be
in his own home
instead of going elsewhere....
how was he the last time
you guys went away for a while?

tsduff said...

JJ - Yes, have to say he IS serious most of the time... until a doggie or a moth blow by.. then look out! Mr. Ferocious! (NOT)

Autumn, yes, so cute unless
1) You are wearing black or blue, to which his pumpkin-colored hairs stick conspicuously on every surface possible... looking impossibly beautiful against your business blues....or
2) Your hands suddenly smell awful, like smelly doggy (gross) smell... like long-rubbed doggie eyes, sensuously rubbed doggie ears, scratched "overthehotspotonthebutt"... spot inescapable. I'll try to remember it when he is gone.

Jillie - yes, Emmett will be horrified and sad when you go. Isn't it amazing what an impact we have on those dumb animals... NOT~ They are really just extensions of us... as a family member is.....

tsduff said...

Whyioughtta - Regal looking? KING TOBIN III? HA HA HA HA HA GUFFAW... who's fairytale have you been reading my dear? He is more like Master Tobin the Dolt.... such a foolish kiddow... filled with mirth, curiousty, bloodlust for moths, goof syndrome, floppy ear attack... neurosis of lights going by at night, whipped from cats...*completely whipped*

His heart is good :-D

Sister Celtic = You of all people know about a girl and her dog... (or her kid's dog - or "the DOG"... THE OLD DOG... etc)

Oliviah - It is always my pleasure when I see your lovely avatar gracing my site. Wondering how you are - please feel free to send me an email at if you ever want to talk. Would love to hear from you. My pup Tobin won't be around much longer - are we lucky to have been in his splendid company thus far?

TC - thanks. been to your site - left a comment too but somehow it didn't stick. :-( Your pup is so cute too.. why the heck do we become so attached to these animals? They become exactly as one of our family - loved, beloved, dear, naughty, nice, loyal, sleepy, annoying, begging, unsanitary LOL... but a manifestation of love, nonetheless :-D

tsduff said...

TC - great idea about the recording... think I'll do it.

JJ - ha ha - regal... must be the camera angle... LOL Tobin is just a sweet goofy puppy. Our neighbor used to keep an eye on him and all the other wildlife around here (birds, chickens, cats to name a few) but he isn't available now. I'm just worried that Tobin will become anxious and freak out when we are gone so long. TC had a great idea.

Oliviah said...

Just a thought about the recording. Years ago my husband and I had two dogs that were like children to us and whenever we left them they got freaked out. Our fault there, we spoiled them utterly rotten. We had a trip to take and worried how the pups would deal with it and I thought, why not call the house and talk to them through the answering machine? We decided to try it out and left the house and made a phone call while peeking in the window to see their reaction. They got really excited when they heard their names but in a few minutes they got confused and very worried when they couldn't find us, only our voices. They just looked so distressed by the whole situation. We decided the disembodied voice thing was not a good idea for them. You could test it out on your dog first to see if he freaks or if he likes it. Just a thought.

Top cat said...


:P fuzzbox said...

It is said around here that dogs with one blue eye and one brown eye are more intelligent than dogs with the same color eyes.

Tom & Icy said...

Dusty is about his age. That was a good idea about recording your voice. When Master Tom was gone for a month, he would call and the dogs got really excited hearing the voice.

tsduff said...

Oliviah - I am worried about Tobin, but I do like the ideah of him getting a dose of our voices via the phone. He is a bit daft, and no doubt he will be confued when he hears us but I wonder if the experience of hearing us will lay his heart to rest a bit... don't like to think of him getting upset... geez... I'm really not on par with the animals like I thought at all... :-(

TC: Takes one to know one, yes? :-D Okay, I suppose birds and cats CAN get along in certain situations... ( JUST PUT THE D*NG CLAWS IN, WILL YOUSE?)

:p Fuzzbox - Shhhhhh - PLEEEEEEEEEESZE don't tell Tobin... !

Tom and Icy - Think I will give it a try. I just worry to death about that big galoot!