Thursday, August 16, 2007

A fierce warrior approaches
His face all blue in chalk
With eyes that tell the story
And blazing bright red locks

Oh look, I see a glimmer
Of recognition lit
It's Micah my dear nephew
Now where's that make up kit?

Fun comes in all colors of the rainbow.

Here is little Lynnie -
My sweetheart of a niece
With fiercely painted hands and feet
Dark purple in the crease
A growling hunter stalking
A creature on the prowl
Away she runs with shrieks of glee
We have to find a towel!
That blue chalk DID NOT COME OFF!


Anonymous said...


jeff@sally said...

Your poems are so funny. I wish Micah was home tonight to see the pics. He would love them. He is spending the night at his friends and Lynnie is sleeping. Cutest kids along with Jacob and Josh. :) I am a little biased on that topic.

SOe said...

Smile! :) Looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love this post and the pictures.
The 3D writing at the bottom is very coooool.

Minka said...

They are adorable, your words loving and don't peels itself in due time :)

EBEZP said...

Lovely post Terry oh and the blue chalk never comes off!!

sister celtic said...

You have incrediable talent and walk in beauty wow awesome. Thanks...Now move up here. Will you be home this weekend?

jillie said...

Those pictures are GREAT and the kids look as if they are having loads of fun...ahhhhh to be young again and full of it!

Oh wait...I may not be young but I am full of it!!! LMAO

tsduff said...

Annonymous: I love your smile

Jeff@Sal - Sally - love to see your smiling face (okay, so it is in my mind)... I can hear you laugh too :-) Hi Micah, Lynnie - and JACOB!!!! Oh, HI ERIK!!!

soe: Happy day to you. I think of you whenever I hear German.. did you know there is another Deutshlander in the form of a peguin that hangs out over there in Island called Minka... whom I'm quite fond of. What is it with German girls migrating to Island? :-)

TC - 3D? You must be thinking of a different movie... take those funny glasses off, will ya?

Anna-lamma-zanna - yes, we are home this weekend except for this next few hours when we go out to see the first movie in years: Stardust starring Clair Danes and Robert DeNiro.

Minka - HA HA! The skin DID peel - and the blue ring around the bathtub was quite unsightly...

ebezp: what about the colors on your avatar mask? Did they ever come off?

Jillie - HA HA HA HA HA where to you pull those funnies from? I love it - makes me laugh and inspires me. You my dear, will never be old with that sense of humor! :-D You are TOO FULL OF IT~

magdalene-sophie said...

absolutely adorable!! little happy campers :)

tsduff said...

magdalene-sophie: They are really cute. And technicolor... LOL

neva said...

*applauds enthusiastically*

BRAVO!! those pictures and YOUR poetry were spectacular hopefully those little cuties look more like themselves and less like Smurfs, by the time you read this! ; ) xox

G said...

Terry, just doing a little catching up. These pictures are just amazing as I am sure are the kids in them. Great poetry to accompany. Really, there is something so pure yet primitive in these pictures (I mean that as a high compliment to the photographer who captured these shots).

Anyway, just a quick note and I'm off to dreamland.