Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh, how I wish to cool off... today's high will be 103 F in Walnut Creek. Just a repeat of last summer's horrendous heat, when the heat killed off our Big Kitty.

Here, in dreams of cooler times, is a picture I took at the Jokulsarlon lagoon in southern Iceland, where chunks of the Breithamerkurjokull (glacier) float in unbelievable shades of blue mixed with black sand. Kind of reminds me of Grasshopper Pie.


goldennib said...

Wow, you took that picture? You got to see that? Amazing.

Logophile said...

gorgeous photo and definitely made it feel a little cooler.
Dang it, now I want some grasshopper pie!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is cool!

SOe said...

Then I came back to Iceland on sunday night we had +4°C (40°F(?)). Winter is coming! I will send you some "ís" :).

lime said...

that is a stunning shot and i hope it helps you think COOOOL

magdalene-sophie said...

wow.. beautiful pic.. *sigh*..

103F!!! bring out the suntan lotions, unless you like to tan and burn :)

jillie said...

Good morning Terry! And what a refreshing picture that is....AHHHHH!! It's pretty hot and humid down here too!


Doug said...

Wow, that's something. beautiful. I need that shade of blue. This morning we had heat lightning in Santa Clarita around 4. I went outside to look at it and it must have been 90 degrees with a heavy wind. This is the kind of weather that makes a portly curmudgeon wish he'd skipped a burger or two.

tsduff said...

Goldennib: Not only took it, saw it, but also wish I was still near it! It was up to 105 F today and I have no air condition in my house.

Logophile - actually, although Grasshopper Pie does sound delectable, that ice looks better right now :)

Annonymous - Your smile make me hot - whoooooeeeee!

Annonymouse Bird Person - Welcome - I'm honored you stopped by (love your bird pics and art). Yes, truly cool.

SOe - Iceland is cooling off? I heard it was a lovely dry and temperate summer there - although a hardship if you are a farmer in southern Iceland (lack of rain is almost being called a drought). Yes, send "is"!

Lime - you taught me the value of positive thinking with your cleaning while "dressed" HHNT :-) I feel cooler already.

Magdalene-Sophie - you are always so dreamy... even your name is dreamy. *sigh* Today it was 105, and wowsa, it's too hot to trot. Forget the suntan lotion, I'm already melted into a puddle of hot.

Jillie - so, what are you waiting for? Go jump in the water across the street! (I'm so envious)! Happy FRIDAY!

Doug, in all seriousity (is that a word?) everything in Iceland is beautiful. Just point and click, and you are an instant photographer. The ice lagoon was one of the most fantastic things I've ever laid eyes on, anywhere in the world.

I love watching a good storm - although it happens rarely. I saw one just like you saw whilst I was in the Phoenix Airport. The planes were grounded by the wild heat & lightning storm; as I waited for a bus to carry me to the hotel, the heat seared my lungs even as the rain soaked me, and the thunder clapped and banged the concrete bridges above my head.

Those In & Out Burgers ought to be outlawed. Yummy yummy.

SOe said...

Yes, we had a dry summer. But now it´s raining (more or less)since 3 days. Ís is on the way!

Minka said...

yep...wonderful. Jökullsarlon is breath-taking, especially when the tour guide picks out a lump of ice and says: "Touch a thousand years!"

Doug, onc eyou make it over...this is a place I will show you!

Anonymous said...

This weather is unbelieveable, this is the dryest summer I can remember here in Michigan.
Hopefully relief is around the corner.
Sorry to hear about your kitty.):

Tom & Icy said...

Such wonderful photos! I spent all morning going over and over your shots in Iceland. Beautiful.

EBEZP said...

Beautiful pics Terry

tsduff said...

SOe, soon it will be snow.

Minka - I didn't have a tour guide - we were on our own. In fact, my Icelander was sick and feverish in the car, so I wandered about by myself, and then treated myself to a bowl of hot lamb soup from the tiny lagoon-side cafe. Divine.

Thanks TC. Big Kitty was a legend in her own time... the heat was just too much for her. And yay, finally it is cooling off here today. Thanks for your kind comments.

Icy would have fun hiding in the ice. But she and Dusty would need to wear booties.

EBEZP - thanks - they don't even explain the beauty as it really is.

Vikingisson said...

Well Terry you were right, going to Iceland does nothing to stop the obsession. In fact it might be worse. I must go back and must stay longer and must go to the 1000 places I didn't go to on my first trip.

Truly a magical place.