Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can you see me? I'm waving...
We went to the "SUMMER OF LOVE" 40th Anniversary concert in Golden Gate Park, near the Haight in San Francisco over the weekend. What a nice day! We took B.A.R.T. (bay area rapid transit) which funneled us under the bay, because the Bay Bridge was closed for repair, and then after getting off at the last stop on Haight Street, we walked and walked through the park to the event. There were all kinds of people to see, from all generations. The people-watching was more fun than than the music... and it all blended together in one giant harmonious melange. There were the youngsters sporting rasta dreads, engaged in face painting, hugging each other with the exuberance that youth is brimming with; there were old hippies who were old even during the original 1967 summer of love, sporting long tiedyed skirts, long grey hair and headbands. There were conga lines of people selling pot-laced brownies, streams of folks wending their way through the blanket-strewn grass bearing political signs, others carrying tree limbs and begging for donations to help the tree-sitters at the Cal Berkeley campus. Clouds of bubbles were blowing in the breeze, and people were smiling everywhere you looked. Some kids were perched high on a hillside bordering the field under the giant eucalyptus trees, while others were actually in the trees hoping for a better view. Way down in front was the stage, where Moby Grape, members of Canned Heat, Jefferson Starship and Taj Mahal sang and celebrated the memory of the 1967 era when things were different. There was no violence, unhappiness, or anything ugly to mar the mood of the day, and after soaking up hours of sunshine, free love and good tunes, we picked up and headed out of the park. A beautiful day indeed.


Kingcover said...

Do you remember the original one or were you too 'out of it man'? Hahaha *I feel a slap on the face coming right up* ;-)

Dan said...

You're the one wearing white, right?

Logophile said...

Awwa, that sounds like a great way to spend a day.
I bet you are the one with a serene smile, huh?

G-Man said...

OMG Terry!!
That is the most awesomist thing I've seen today!!
What a Rush..
Far Out..
Right On!!
Make Love Not War!
Nixon's The One!!
What if Somebody Gave a War, And No One Came?
God, sometimes I Love being old!
You Rock Sweetie..xoxox

jillie said...

That looks like it was a GREAT time and would I have ever loved to have been there!!!!! Pot brownies? YUM....lol!!!


Doug said...

Taj Mahal is awesome. I'm slowly starting to suspect you of being a hippy.

tsduff said...

Kingcover - *SLAP* Just how old do you imagine me to be anyway??????

Dan: Ooooh, you have good eyes!

Logo - actually, it was rather serene at the time (smiles serenely)

Galen - you are too funny with all those slogans. I had that one "What if they gave a war and nobody came" sewed onto my bell-bottom jeans in 9th grade, along-side Mr. Natural (keep on truckin) and my earth-with peace sign on top of it patched onto my leather jacket. But I ain't old.

Jillie - I think you'd have had a ball along with everyone else. Ahem - I meant "alleged" pot brownies... I didn't eat any.

TLP said...

I do see you waving!

Ah, the summer of love. Those were the days. No matter what happens to me, I was young and in L.A. in the sixties. They can't take that away from me.

tsduff said...

Doug - slowly?

Incidentally, Taj Mahal was the best act of the day, in my farout opinion.

TLP - We who know, GIVE IT AWAY
:-). Free love you know. I was in L.A. in the sixties too.

EBEZP said...

I see you Terry! MMMM!
Looks like you had a beautiful day!
Ha ha you've still got the flowers in your hair!!

Kingcover said...

I imagine you to be at least 70 years old. Teehee. *slap #2 coming right up* :D

Anonymous said...

wow..talk about deja vu all over again.lol
How cool, great pictures.:)

ariel said...

"old hippies who were old even during the original 1967 summer of love" LOL!! and they all were happy under the Sun. what a nice day it was. I love the way you wear your hair in the picture!

javajazz said...

wow. extremely groovy, man.
only in Cali could you get
a crowd like that...!

Tom & Icy said...

Where can you pee?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

What a great way to spend the day. groovy!

goldennib said...

Happy colors.

TLP said...

Exactly! Give it away! But I have no problem with those who sell it.

Minka said...

You are so cool. Rock on!

Why are you wearing those ridiculous glasses?

Autumn Storm said...

Post of the day, you make me want to throw off all my clothes and go dance in the rain. I would too, were it raining. :-) Gorgeously colourful photo and post!

tsduff said...

EBEZP - Awe - you DID see me! I thought the flowers would wilt but they lasted famously :)

Kingcover *winces and stays her slapping hand* It IS the summer of love after all. ~~~Smiles beautifically at the little green man~~~

TC - Your Cheshire smile blends in perfectly here.

Ariel - *waves* It was a day to be there or be square. "Flowers in her hair... Flowers everywhere...." *hums a bar from The Cowsills "I LOVED THE FLOWER GIRL".

Lisa - The crowd was fine, happy, loving, and completely mellow. I'm sure you could round up such a crowd anywhere, with the same theme because people most everywhere ARE the same. *takes one to know one ya know *wink*wink*

Tom and Icy - well Tom, I had imagined long lines at the porto potties, so I didn't drink much but pure bottled water all day... solved that problem :) -didn't hafta. Icy - you know YOU could pee anywhere. A cute little pitbull puppy peed right in front of our blanket - (narrowly missed the gal's blanket in front of us) and thereafter every dog (there were MANY DOGS) who came along the path had to stop and uh, smell the invisible roses.

Lone Gray Squirrel: Groovy Baby!

Goldennib: Happy colors is right. I was wearing mine :-)

TLP: That's funny. I suppose it takes all kinds - variety is the spice of life - to each his own, yes?

Minka - These are my very hippest cool shades; one of the finest in my collection of outrageous John Lennon "All You Need Is Love" line.

Autumn: You would have done exactly that in glorious, wild abandon had you been in attendance :) no rain though, only warm sunshine and many other free spirits.

Anonymous said...

hey dude..don't bogey that j!

Sherri said...

I could use one of those brownies right now!

Anonymous said...

Were there mud people? There has to be people only wearing mud! All this mischief ... Bush will be flying home very sooon ....

Toby said...

Man!!! Sounds like an awesome time. Vicariously I'm having a grand time!

tsduff said...

Uh - TC, whatever do you mean?

Sherri - Brownies are always good. Who ever heard of a brownie that wasn't great?

Annonymous - I thought I told you that you could keep Bush indefinitely? The mud people were awayyyy back at Woodstock in NY. No mud out here - only warm (make that downright hot) California sun!

Toby - I think you manage to have a grand time, vicariously or not! (just look at all those beers on the wall?)

neva said...

lucky lucky LUCKY you!! i was too young to see/appreciate this event the first time around, and too bloody far the second! that said, i DO have a CD featuring many of the artists from the original festival, and it's awesome!

,,\/(^_^)\/,, peace and love, baby!