Monday, October 01, 2007


“A 200-foot-long knitted and stuffed toy rabbit presently lies on the side of the 5,000 foot high Colletto Fava mountain in northern Italy’s Piedmont region”.

Apparently, a controversial Viennese art group, Gelitin, has erected a giant pink rabbit on the side of an Italian mountainside where they plan for it to stay until 2025.

According to Gelitin group member Wolfgang Gantner the bunny was “knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool” and is “supposed to make you feel small, like a daisy.” The artists added that they “want people to scale the rabbit’s sides and fall asleep on its stomach”. Apparently the intent of the project was to make climbers smile and provide them somewhere to lay back and relax.

Gelatin members insist that the bunny is not just for walking around and that they are expecting hikers to climb its 20 foot sides and relax on its belly. Livestock are apparently urged to not eat the bunny as it is constructed out of straw-stuffed fabric.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the big pink bunny, as seen in the image above, is that whilst it appears to be a giant children’s toy at first glance, on closer inspection, it looks more like a nasty sky-diving accident complete with alarmed look on face, mouth ajar and torso split with heart and entrails lying beside our unlucky bunny.


ariel said...

Wow! I am starting to think that MY childhood was paradise.

Rabbit, rabbit!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I agree, the rabbit isn't as cutsey as it could have been, but who wants to see a giant pink rabbit polluting the Earth anyway? Like the idea of a place to smile and somewhere to lay back and relax - shame the natural habitat wasn't good enough for that ;)

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit! It is a tad disturbing pink bunny. Probably forgot to say Rabbit Rabbit before it jumped.

Anonymous said...

imagination is more important then knowledge,for it is the source of knowledge--Go Rabbit

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit!

The Nazca bunny?

EBEZP said...

LOL at your last paragraph!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Rabbit, rabbit!
What a weird idea someone had!!
That bunny's luck is NOT good!!
It seems to me that the bunny will be dirty and disease-ridden before long.
It would be fun to climb him and get a picture though.

jillie said...

Where's the Easter basket????


neva said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!

laughing and laughing -- mostly because this is hilarious, but also because it reminded me of, well... The Giant of Cerne Abbas (altho' folks climb on top of him in hopes of becoming more fertile). mostly, the "giant" is just a centuries old mystery that serves to pique one's curiosity. not cuddly and/or fun (or PINK) as your happy guy! ; )

tsduff said...

Ariel - Tell me about your childhood.

Annonymous: Different strokes for different folks. I'm with you - the countryside would have looked more serene had it been left undisturbed. Maybe the birds will make nests in it.

TLP - You know, I think you are right.

annonymous - you have the most brilliant comment of the day. I salute you. xo

Doug - I'm afraid he doesn't qualify. Too fat. And, perishable.

ebezp - Yes, it certainly isn't the little bunny bedtime story is it?

Jillie - I'm afraid he dropped it. The question is, where are the eggs?

Neva - LOL! I've never heard of the Giant of Cerne Abbas, but reading about him just cracked me up. People do the funniest things - like going to sleep on top of a giant well, you know.

Keshi said...

LOL cute n VERY BIG bunny there!


dandjschoch said...

That's one scary bunny! I've started a blog too.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!!
What a fascinating story--and you're right, it does look unfortunately sickly from above. I think it's funny that 'livestock are being urged not to eat it'--um, it'll be interesting to see how long it stays together. A kind idea, but a little looney.

Happy Tuesday:)

Anonymous said...

how strange, people have waaaaaaay too much time on their hands.
How about how it destroys the natural look of the area.

javajazz said...

OMG!!! i am laffing my ass off here!!
(and thats a LOT of laughing let me tell you!)
holy cow, i when i see things like this, that is when i know i am NOT an artist. a bunny in italy, 2 of my favourite subjects! this is the funniest post you have ever had yet Terrence!!! i died! and who the heck would ever think of a work of art like this!!
seeing that person lying belly up on bunnys leg is just killing me! i think its a person anyway.
and the aerial shots are killer.
woo hoo! Tibbar Tibbar, baby!! loved the last paragraph especially! hahahahahahaaaaaaa!
(can you tell i liked this post?)

Mo'a said... will that Bunny look in 18 years?
Great and strange story.

Tom & Icy said...

Good I'm not a climber. I'd fall from laughing so hard.

lime said...

that is beyond bizarre. and if i am going to hike up there i am going to lay down inthe grass,that's the best place to relax!

javajazz said...

and if I'm going to hike up there
i'm going to nuzzle in between
bunny's legs...or maybe
near his spleen there...
or whatever that guts is...his
liver, his kishkas, his semi colon.

tsduff said...

Keshi - yes, probably the biggest one ever made. LOL

dandjschoch: Fabulous blog you started there! Remember when you first went over there, and we had to survive on snail mail? Times have changed.

Actonbell - looney tooney - bugs bunny would have a comment to make about it while chewing on his carrot... nyaah, what's up doc?

TC - there is certainly nothing natural about that twisted bunny! I'm with you, give me the natural earth anyday.

JJ - your mirth is contagious - makes me smile reading your comment. Yep, looks like some people decided to climb the old pink pillow - now that is one fat leg HA HA HA HA! Makes me feel skinny in contrast. Wonder how they climbed on up? RRIIIIPPPPP, oh no, there goes his tummy - rrrriiiippp, there went his armpit... ha ha ha ha. That material can't really last very long - the sun does bad things to stuff laying around outside.

Mo'a - I don't think it will be around that long myself. But what a funny expenditure of time, effort, and probably money. Those silly artists...! Not what I'd be creating if I had talent - but then, that sort of talent is debatable.

Tom and Icy - you could become a burrower... ha ha ha Icy, I saw you laughing today.

Lime - ha ha you'd not catch me clampering up that bloated pink thing... it's unnatural!

LISA - you stop it, you are making me die laughing!

javajazz said...

sorry, i'm back here at the Bunny again.
well, its just that i think whimsical art
is wonderful...everyone has there own
idea of what art is...its whatever the
artist says it is...there is no right or
wrong, like valid or just is. Bunny just is.
i love that someone would want
to do something that bizzarre
and whimsical, and have a jolly
great sense of humour about it.
you know, some people like
The Simpsons and some people
like fine art. i love the brain
that would even conceive of
doing something as outrageous
as this, "just because." its
beautifully carefree and fun.
everyone is so freaked out
to have wonderful wacky fun.
they just cant handle
Tom Cruise running around
Oprah's couch...its just too
innocently childlike and fun
for them....

this is a bunny you can practically
see from outer space.
there are tiny humans
sleeping on its leg.
i think that's hysterical.
and could cows kindly refrain
from eating it...i love that!

javajazz said...

i dont like making spelling mistakes
and i know there's one up there,
but i dont care. because theres
a giant stuffed bunny on a hill
in italy, so i dont care if i made
one stupid spelling mistake.