Sunday, November 25, 2007


I am not able to comment or blog because:

1)I had a psycho moment with the knife after carving the turkey, and now am one-handed for a while (do you have any idea how much frustration builds up when you are a typist forced down to the level of hunt and peck with only one hand? Dictation is not a pleasant alternative)

2) My home computer died, and I haven't decided upon my new course of action. (i.e. brave the insanity of the mall crazies to purchase a replacement) during this black Friday weekend)

Doug, Dad dodged the flaming bullet once more, by a few miles...south of the fire line. Your comment made my day.


lime said...

oh no!!! i hoep your hand heals up quickly and without lasting damage.

having been one handed for rather a long time i can attest to the fact that you can become quite adept at typing one handed. in some ways i was better one handed than two.

weatherchazer said...

Bad turkey!

ariel said...

Glad to hear your Dad is fine.

Carefully with the other hand, please!

Tom & Icy said...

Computer died? That's scary. Did the psycho turkey have anything to do with it?

G-Man said...

Type one handed..
Pc is jacked up..
Hahaha..Now you know what I go through every day!!
I'm sorry Terry..
Please hurry back..xoxox

Crazy Me said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

G said...

Now that's not a good ending to a promising Holiday weekend. Speedy recovery to you and your computer.

Glad your Dad is fine.

SOe said...

What a scary weekend! I hope your hand and computer will be all right soon.

jillie said...

I thought about you and your family when the fire started up again. Man...these fires have got to STOP!!! Bummer about your hand. Your bummed hand, my bummed foot...we could make quite a team you know!

Good luck with it.


~gkw said...

gotta be more careful with the knives.... I always use an electric knife. I would want to think of what would happen if that went all crazy... It's like a miniature chain saw!!

RED MOJO said...

So sorry to hear about your hand. I hope you heal quickly and completely. Glad your family is okay too.

Doug said...

Good to hear about your dad. I guess I was worrying about the wrong crow. Hope your hand and computer heal fast.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your hand...ugh! I hate knife and razor cuts.
Take care hon.

Kelly said...

Eeeuuuuwwww Terry! Yucky picture!!!! Reminds me of Chiller or something! So sorry about your hand and your computer! Baaaaaad Turkey!!!! Baaaaaaaddddd Computer!!!! Double whammy! No wonder you didn't write today! How bad is your hand? Stitches??? Hope not. It's raining and pouring out even though it was below freezing! Why can't it just snow when it gets cold? Get better soon or we'll all go through withdrawals.

jeff@sally said...

If I could type with a broken thumb....:) It was very frustrating typing like Dad. And sooo much slower since he is pretty fast at the hunt and peck method. I was so happy when I could type the right way again. I hope your hand heals soon. Did you need stitches? Do tell all the gory details. :) Enquiring nurses want to know.

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk ... karma for gobbling tasty turkeys? Or didn't you make it that far? Get well soon and problems fixed quickly!

photowannabe said...

Glad your family is safe from the horrible fires. Enough already...
Hey, quite wrestling with the rogue turkey will you.

SoCal Sal said...

OUCH!!!! You pecker you! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes , Thanksgiving memories ...the table set , 13 hungry beings ,then the shout went out- "step on the knife " , the knife secured,the wound evaluated , dressed professionally ,a quick run to Kaiser was in order--NO LINES at Kaiser !!!?Doctor? seemed to be Dazed and Confused--but did stop the bleeding with 5 stitches--upon return,2hours later-for Kaiser thats good ,the guests had covered and placed all items in the oven-Much to Terrys' surprise and Delight--the festive feast stuffing completing about 10:30 pm Love You Babe--Thank You for Giving it Your all,this Thanksgiving !!!!X0X0

tsduff said...

Lime - Pray tell about the one handed life. I'm not a happy hunt and pecker at all!

weatherchazer:- turkey was good - my bad ;)

Ariel - right hand is getting a work out. Guess I won't be applying for another job anytime soon with my typing speed at such an all time low LOL

Tom & Icy - I'm about to go psycho again with the knife - only this time instead of dropping and then catching the knife, I'll be assaulting the computer... turkey is gone - down the hatch.

Galen- What a saint you are to bear up under such conditions - How do you do it?! I could learn a thing or two from you :)

Angela - thanks :)

G - I'm happy that you stopped by. You've been on my heart - big hugs xo

SOe - Made it through the weekend... and even a Monday at home! Doc said no straining it so I got a nice extra day at home. Too bad this typing is straining my eyes... when both hands are working properly I don't have to look at the keyboard!

Jillie - Yeah, your foot, my hand - what a pair, eh? Your surgery is on my birthday. I'll lift a toast to your surgeon and to YOU with my good hand :)

tsduff said...

~gkw - *shudders*... the thought of chainsaws just kills me! And I KNOW better than to grab a knife... bugger was sharp because I sharpened it myself.

Red - Thanks a bunch. It was good having friends there - one is a former EMT, and she fixed me up better than the doctor did... she and her partner showed up at the hospital to give me the best moral support ever. I consider myself lucky to have such good friends.

Doug - *grins* I'm touched just the same. Hand may heal - computer.. well, it's dead Jim.

Top Cat,,, Uggghhh - I've never had a cut like this before--- from now on I hate knife and razor cuts too. Reliving that knife's drop to the floor and me foolishly trying to catch it (oh, my reflexes are quick, yes?) is awful!

Kelly - Ha Ha - Chiller... yes, it is a good picture for that. Yes, stitches..., metal brace... c an't type worth beans... grrrr. I'm worried about nerve damage, so I will probably go back tonight to have the doc take a look see. (The doctor was not very swift... I think he had been hitting the sauce )

Sal - Ha Ha. Maybe I'll post the gory details... I need to find out the extent of the slash damage. How IS your thumb? pin holes still hurt? You were so brave when you went through it all *bites tongue in shame of petty complaining...*

Crabby said...

I'm so sorry. All I heard was new computer and I got so excited I forgot about your poor hand.

Mend fast so you can computer shop. I love to do that! Computers, cameras,'s all my bag.

Oh'll love this, I'm into photography now and, I'm painting again. Not the walls, like ususally either. LOL!

tsduff said...

anonymous...Now go on and stop it! Turkey karma indeed... *looks around nervously... do turkeys haunt people ? I took such good care of that turkey there could be no complaints... man alive stop giving me guilt pangs. Karma doesn't like knives anyway.

Photowannabe: Yep - Dad's old homestead barely made it through yet one more fire. Amazing.

SoCal Sal... well I've been called a number of oddball things, but weirdly enough, pecker fits at the moment LOL!

Bear - Love you too. Thanks for the quick synopsis of the Event. ;) I appreciated your company at the ER. And thanks for cleaning off the icebox, the stove, the floor, the sink, and the turkey... and the knife LOL.

Crabby - If you could bottle that exhuberance of yours you could be a millionaire ;)So, what are you painting? Give me the scoop ahead of time, as I need to update my art gallery collection...

TLP said...

Ooops! So sorry 'bout that.

Hope all is better soon!

actonbell said...

I'm sorry to hear about your painful accident! Take care.

Good luck with the computer issues--very frustrating stuff, that. And it's good to hear that your dad's safe:)

javajazz said...

oh lordy,
thats HORRID!
kind of ironic tho
to get human blood
on the turkey....
nice of Bear
to wipe it down like that
and everyone to wait for you!
you tried to catch
a knife?
dont you need circus training
for that sort of thing?
ouch ouch ouch!!!!

Arnica 30 c (even 200c)
Hypericum 30 c


Minka said...

still five fingers and some decent stitches. We'll miss you...should we pass around a cup or something for donations in leu of a new computer? 'cause we would!
Feel better!

Kyahgirl said...

I'm sorry to hear about your hand. We should compare scars some day...I'm brutal on my hands too! I hope you recover soon.

Good luck with the new computer, what ever you decide to do.