Thursday, November 29, 2007



where finger dexterity isn't a problem...


lime said...

who gets the job done on the chicken's day off? that's right, i do!

lime said...

oh yes, sorry you asked for my story on one handed life too...

here's what happpened

2 surgries and 6 and half months of therapy to get my hand back.

~gkw said...

Come back!! Those logs were my home!!!

SoCal Sal said...

Where did that damn chicken wonder off to?

Tom & Icy said...

I guess you got tired of the traffic jam and got out and walked... then fly!

lime said...

current hand status and prognosis: i was discahrged by the surgeon back in april. i have about 90% use of the hand, arm and consider myself very fortunate. i already have a lot of past traumatic arthritis in it so over time that will only get worse but if you'd seen where i was next to a large boulder. i could be dead, paralyzed or a vegetable. no complaints over an arthritic hand/arm in lieu of that.

ariel said...

I love both pictures. Yeah, fingers don't matter when you fly. :-)

Anonymous said...

Much easier working with your environment than against it :)

jillie said...

Crazy humans....who say's dumb birds. We're the ones that can FLY! case I don't get to my computer tomorrow....



tsduff said...

Lime - LOL! Where's Henny Penny when you need her?

Lime - Thanks for the story. Wowsa - you have gone through one helluvah wringer. Having suffered through a dislocation and compound fracture of my ankle, I can relate to your level of pain, but I'm speechless at the length of time it took before you were functioning semi effeciently again. You are one amazing woman! I am humbled by your positive attitude.


SoCal - The chicken hopped into the camper for a ride... tired od crossing the road so many times LOL!

Icy - Icy - you're right. Crows don't wait well.

Lime - you give me hope. (There IS hope I'll get to type again, isn't there?) I hope the arthritis stays away another 50 years.

Ariel - feathers were the greatest invention, don't you think?

Anonymous - If anyone knows this is true, you do. Well spoken.

Jillie - YES! Smart birds, dumb people. You get your rest tonight... am praying for your ordeal tomorrow - and swift recovery.


Autumn Storm said...

Stance of the bird is funny, as though ticked off or feeling impatient.
"Oh man, it's total gridlock!"
I don't do funny. :-D
I do do birthday wishes though,

Have a happy birthday, Terry, and all the best for the year ahead. :-)

photowannabe said...

Why did the chicken-crow cross the road?

SOe said...

Our crow on the ground: "Traffic jams on the streets! Everybody want to drive home!"
Our crow in the sky: "I can see the weekend!"

javajazz said...

"hmmm, maybe if i stroll away
from the beaten path here,
i can find a new finger for Terry
in time for her BIRTHDAY...!"

you free flying crow, you!
keep your fingie wrapped up
and go do something
gorgeous and special today!
you deserve it!


~gkw said...

I guess today is your birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

one onethousand, two onethousand, three onethousand, just cause I have the biggest feet I always get stuck measuring stuff.

RED MOJO said...

Let's see, last time I remember seeing my wallet, I was over THIS spot, right here...

Happy B-Day to you!

Anonymous said...

A crow a pondering,as to who had invited all these beings to his/her world--with those shiny vehicles--the up thought,though,picnic baskets full,awaiting a raiding--HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G said...

I know it's a crow, but what came to mind is "Jay Walking". Happy Birthday?! Ooh, you're sneaky.


tsduff said...

Autumn - Thanks dear. You do too do funny - crows get cross and impatient all the time LOL! Hope you are feeling a bit better than you were - coming right up on the weekend at last :)

Photowannabe...HA HA! Because he wasn't a chicken! Great.

SOe: LOL - You take top honors with your caption... You captured the essence of the pictures, and of me because I claim both crows :)

Lisa - Yes honey, but if Mr. Crow finds my finger he will eat it.

Thanks but my bike brakes with the left hand... LOL I'm not even driving my car yet (my personal chauffer takes care of me you know) Going to the surgeon later this afternoon to see if they want to amputate... :O

~GKW - you birthday boy you... thanks, and go have some fun with all your new toys :)

Ha ha TC - I thought you were going to say something about "crows feet"... D'OH... You did! My crows feet are my best feature.

Red Mojo - Tee hee! Only problem is, crows don't carry leather too much - they prefer "sparrrklies" Thanks!

My Bearry Anon: Picnic baskets... ummmmm! Is ours packed?

G - you are damn good! My other personalilty is a jay :) Crows and jays are known for their cunning and sneakiness LOL